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Winch Camp Trek | Unexplored Paradise in Joginder Nagar

Winch camp trek

Winch Camp is the Unexplored Paradise in Joginder Nagar valley.  Winch camp is the most noteworthy top in this area. This unexplored heaven and outdoors goal lies at a rise of 8000 ft above ocean level. 

Regions a few kilometers from Winch Camp , Joginder Nagar can be visited, including the Beas River, the slopes of Mandi, the outskirts of Kangra region and Hamirpur locale. These slopes get heavy snowfall in the winter season. 

Haulage Trolley  Joginder Nagar :

Haulage Trolley Joginder Nagar

The most one of a kind thing about this trekking trail is the streetcar/haulage trolley Joginder Nagar that interfaces Joginder Nagar valley to Barot valley. In the middle of the trek there is Shanan Power House, 18 Number and others. Despite the fact that this haulage trolley lies in Himachal Pradesh, however, it is overseen by the Punjab Government.

Trolley at Winch Camp is one of its own sort on the planet. All gratitude to Raja Joginder Sen and Col. B. C. Insane who arranged this astonishing task. The trek to this less voyaged goal will offer you an odd encounter.

About Winch Camp :

This destination is known for its natural beauty and common magnificence. The excellence of this spot is the Himalayan ranges where the Dhauladhar slopes spread four moons.

This mountain is arranged at an elevation of 14050 feet over the ocean level. From the head gear the Haulage carriage course goes down a lofty incline. This spot is known as Hill of Death (Khooni Ghati) . As per neighborhood individuals, there have been numerous mishaps on this route yet it can't be said with certainty.

Commonly snow falls up to four feet, which makes the view here look like paradise. At such a period, the neighborhood individuals, schools and college undergrads and different travel enthusiasts appreciate the day off and enjoy a great deal of strolling in these snow secured mountains and snowfall.

Winch camp in winter

At first, the path goes through various homes planned in conventional Himalayan style, with cows and gaddi hounds tied in the verandah. While trekking, you can see the whole Joginder Nagar Valley and the lavish green mountains, calling you wholeheartedly.

The path is steep at barely any spots however offers enthralling perspectives on nature. Take intermittent breaks everywhere, lavish green knolls for a few moments and again start your excursion.

Moving on the rough path, going through woods and catching beguiling perspectives, you will arrive at 18 Number , the second haulage trolley station where you can fill water bottles. Head towards Harabag arranged at a few moments stroll from 18 Number, to unwind for at some point. 

Harabag is an enormous virgin prairie where you will go over not many shepherds nibbling their steers. Since Winch Camp Trek is not visited a lot. Along these lines the path is totally unbeaten, and this makes the trip significantly increasingly gutsy. The last climb towards Winch Camp is somewhat steep and limited at scarcely any spots. While trekking you will go through thick timberlands of Rhododendron (Burans) whose blossoms are utilized for making squashes and other therapeutic items.

How to reach Winch Camp :

Winch Camp can be reached from Joginder Nagar and Barot valley also yet the majority of the explorers take the Joginder Nagar route . From Joginder Nagar you need to reach Jimjima town from where the trekking  will begin . The traveling course is somewhat troublesome as it is a straight climb upwards. You can likewise follow the Haulage trolley route in the event that you are somewhat confused about the way. This haulage trolley route will straight convey you to the Winch Camp.

Camping at Winch Camp :

camping at winch camp

As there is no accomodation convenience accessible in Winch camp, so you need to convey your tents along. You can either convey your own tents or lease them from Mandi itself. Tents are effectively accessible on lease in Joginder Nagar , Barot and Mandi alongside camping beds. 

On the off chance that you are not happy in camping alone in this spot, contact a traveling organization. There are a few organizations that can arrange camps for you.

If you want to stay in a hotel then you have to make your way back to Joginder Nagar as the hotel nearest to winch camp is in Joginder Nagar.

Winch camp is situated at an elevation of 8000 feet above ocean level. It's acceptable to be at such an elevation where you can feel the style of mists. Unwind in your camps, inhale new mountain air and prepare for blaze.

As the day finds some conclusion, the setting sun will give you some hypnotizing perspectives on nature. You will feel joyful, away from the mayhem of urban way of life in most extreme quietness. 

Camping Cost in Winch Camp :

If you carry your own tents and sleeping bags  then , there will be no further charges for camping , as it is free of cost.

Awesome Morning At Winch Camp :

There is something enchanted about the mornings in the Himalayas. The happy climate at the campground will revive your spirit. Simply feel the spot, its serenity and harmony! 

The perspectives on superb Dhauladhar go out of sight are treat to the eyes. Visit the Winch Camp streetcar station from where you can see the unblemished Beas River close Mandi, Joginder Nagar town, Bir and Hamirpur slopes.

On the off chance that you are simply kicking the bucket to escape your hopeless life, a strange excursion to Joginder Nagar and Winch Camp will astound you with its unexplored air. 

Such huge numbers of motivations to be cheerful and feel revived, go travel to Himalayas and you will never feel disillusioned!

Winch camp trek

Places to visit near Winch Camp,  Joginder Nagar :

  1.  Barot Valley :

Barot is a beautiful and well known cookout spot in the area of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The Barot locale is found 66 Km from Mandi. The good way from Joginder Nagar to Barot valley is 40 Km. Through terraced fields and thick cedar timberlands, the track ascends to Jhatingri, a captivating spot on the slope.

  1. Bir - Billing :

Known as the 'Paragliding capital of India', the towns of Bir and Billing in Kangra locale are incredibly famous spots for experience sport. Bir is the take off site while Billing is the arrival spot. Bir is arranged 35 km from Palampur while Billing is arranged 14 km from Bir. Bir is acclaimed for its Tibetan province and different Buddhist cloisters which merit visiting. You can also go for bir billing trek. Camping in Billing as well as camping in Bir is also a good option for you.

  1. Dehnasar Lake :

Dehnasar lake is a high height new water lake in Barot Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Lake is 52 kms from the Mandi locale. It lies at 4,280 meters above ocean level in Kangra locale. Lake gets its water from the day off the wellspring of outpouring is through dissipation. Trip to Dehnasar Lake begins from Barot Valley.

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