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Barot Valley - Mandi | Hidden Treasure of Himachal Pradesh

Barot valley

Barot valley is a standout amongst other travel goals in Mandi (HP). Barot is a little town on the Uhl waterway banks (Uhl river). This waterway is the first in the nation that has been utilized for delivering hydro-power. 

The establishment stone of this task was put on by the English Govt during their standard over India. Barot is additionally notable for Trout fishing. Trout fish is a freshwater breed. The branch of Agriculture University, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh Govt. regulates the trout rearing in the valley. The Barot Valley isn't just famous for its man-made undertakings yet it has additionally been perceived as "The most beautiful destination in 2015". The slope station offers immense scope of Tourist exercises.

barot dam mandi

Barot Valley in Mandi District, Himachal Pradesh, is a lovely green spot for the travel industry. Barot , Himachal Pradesh is an extremely delightful spot in District Mandi( Himachal Pradesh ) , India which lies in Barot valley . 

This great Picnic spot is honored with thick woodland of deodar. There are two wonderful streams and that makes this spot outrageous excellent. Streams are loaded with trout fish.

There is an administration trout rearing focus at Barot alongside other private communities from where fish are discharged into the Uhl and there is a 30 km segment of the waterway which is astounding for calculating. 

Barot is effectively reachable by street. It is around 25 kms from National Thruway 154. NH 154 has a redirection from Ghatasani to Barot which is around 70 kms from Palampur and 43 km from Mandi in Manali-Pathankot Highway NH 154.

On the off chance that you are an experienced darling and love trekking, you have an alternative of utilizing the haulage trolley from Jogindernagar to Winch camp. The trolly runs consistently between 09:30 am and 03:30 pm. 

Haulage trolly is utilized to ship Goods to Winch camp by Shanan power house  (first hydro venture in Quite a while). There is a trek from Winch camp to Barot. You can reach there by taking the train course. This course will diminish the excursion by 12 kms.

Barot Valley

Barot valley is eminent for Trout Fishing and a ropeway that pulls in the Tourist. Traveling As we all in all acknowledges everyone needs to visit unexplored spots on this planet.

Barot is a Village close to Mandi in Himachal it is one spot you should visit without intuition any further. Barot is likewise forming into a calculating destination. The Uhl stream upholds trout rearing and Barot has few trout fish farms. 

Over the waterway Uhl is the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, home to goral, Himalayan mountain bear .There is one reservoir and 3 artificial lakes on the river Uhl improve the excellence of this beautiful place. 

Places to visit in Barot Valley : 

Barot is directly close to the Uhl waterway. You can really make the most of your dinners sitting next to the stream itself , enjoying this natural beauty . And remember there are not many ATM's in Barot Valley, consequently it is best to carry enough money with you while going to Barot.

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary : 

Nargu wildlife sanctuary

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is arranged over the Uhl stream and in the event that you are fortunate you can recognize the Himalayan Monal, Black Bear, Ghoral and other native animals too.

Pashakot Dev Temple : 

Pashakot Dev Temple Barot

The Pashakot Dev temple is situated at the bank of the river that came from the Barot. The temple is approximately at a distance of 10-15 mins from the road , that can be reached by trekking down.

Trout Fish Farm :

There is additionally a trout fish farm close to Barot itself. You can visit there to see diverse trout fishes .

Shanan Hydro-power Project : 

This Shanan Hydro Power Project was built by a Britisher Col. Betty in 1924.  This Hydel venture is the principle purpose behind Barot's presence. 

How to reach Barot, Distt Mandi, Himachal Pradesh :

Barot is around 65 Kms from Mandi and 80 kms from Palampur (Kangra).

Barot valley

By Air :

Barot is 110 kms far from Gaggal (Dharamshala) airport. Gaggal  airport has daily two flights from Delhi to Dharamshala.

By Train : 

Pathankot is the nearest railway station, which is 150 kms from Broat. There are so many trains from Delhi to Pathankot. 

By Road : 

There are many Volvo, deluxe,  semi deluxe, and ordinary overnight buses available from Delhi to Jogindernagar and Delhi to Mandi. You reach by bus to Ghatasani and then 25 kms to Barot. Another option is to hire a taxi from Mandi to Barot.

Best Time To Visit Barot Valley : 

Barot Valley weather is moderate as there isn't too cold in winters nor too much of heat in summer season. You can visit Barot at any time of the year, as it is an unexplored treasure of Himachal Pradesh. The average annual temperature in Barot valley is nearby 16°C.

Things to do in Barot / Activities to do in Barot  : 

Trout Fishing : 

You can undoubtedly get a permit for trout fish at a very cheap price . You can either visit the farm or take earlier authorization for fishing. Expense of INR 100 is charged for a single day permit for trout fishing in Barot Valley.

Barot Valley Trekking : 

Barot is a heaven for trekking enthusiasts. Numerous journeys start from this spot and in the event that you have a small bunch of days in your grasp consider traveling to these spots also. i:e Winch camp Trek , Rajgundha Trek etc.

Riverside Camping in Barot Valley : 

In Barot, rather than remaining in a homestay, you can camp close to the Uhl River also. Riverside camping in Barot is really amazing. You will definitely love doing this.

Accommodation or Staying Options in Barot Valley , Mandi  :

Hotels in Barot Valley :

There are sufficient Hotels in Barot valley as accomodation in Barot isn't an issue. The Hotels in Barot aren't even too costly and one can bear the cost of them effectively . You can likewise remain in Joginder Nagar which is the closest city close to Barot. 

KK Negi Homestay Barot and Hotel Lake Paradise are good hotels in Barot valley.

HPPWD Rest House :

All in all HP PWD Rest House in Barot Valley , Himachal Pradesh is very acceptable to remain on the off chance that you are not all that much into Service and depend on delicious food. 

HPPWD Rest House , Barot Valley

In the event that you can get the booking, they are genuine acceptable alternatives to remain in Barot ,Himachal.

Barot Valley Travel Tips : 

  • Ensure you book your tickets, and hotels well ahead of time.

  • Make sure to pack a couple of warm woolen garments regardless of whether you are going in summer, as the climate turns out to be nippy around evening time. 

  • Carry enough cash with you as there are quite a few ATM's in Barot , Himachal Pradesh.

  • You can hire a guide if you are going for trekking or any activity of which you haven't enough information.

  • Convey important medicines on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of movement affliction.

Barot Valley distances from the different places :

New Delhi to Barot: – 530 kms

Chandigarh to Barot: – 315 kms

Pathankot to Barot: – 170 kms

Dharamshala to Barot: – 110 km

Mandi to Barot: – 65 km

Palampur to Barot: – 80 km

Jogindernagar to Barot: – 40 km

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