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Joginder Nagar Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Joginder Nagar | Mandi | Himachal Pradesh

( Joginder Nagar Pin Code - 175015 ). Joginder Nagar Valley is a slope town in Mandi area of Himachal Pradesh state in India's Himalayan North settled in Dhauladhar at 1220 meters. It's a satisfying goal to wait for with an assortment of slope stations around and different spots important to go to. 

Joginder Nagar Tourism

The town is prominently called Electric City and subsequently the City of Powerhouses and is the main town in Asia to have three powerhouses which run on the indistinguishable stream water. The town packs great alternatives for touring, picnicking, calculating and experiencing sports like paragliding and trekking. 

The town is comprehended for 3 T's to be specific :

  • Trolley

  • Trout fish

  • Train. 

The significant languages spoken here are Hindi and lingos of Pahari. The tongue of western Pahari utilized in the locale differs from Mandyali to Kangri because of closeness to Kangra area. 

The contrary dialects spoken and comprehended by a larger part of the populace are Punjabi and English. A larger part of the individuals comprehend English well.

History and Description about Joginder Nagar :

The small and exquisite city named Joginder Nagar is located at the northwest end of the Himalayan ranges. The city is located at the north eastern end of the Joginder Nagar Valley surrounded by mountains from all four sides. Joginder Nagar is situated at an altitude of 1,010 meters (3,314 ft) above sea level.

Presently, Joginder Nagar (Joginder Nagar, Jogendra Nagar), one of the nine tehsils of Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, was earlier known as Sakrahati. The city was named Joginder Nagar after the famous king of Mandi Joginder Sen. Joginder Nagar is one of the cities in Asia which has three hydroelectric power houses, hence the city is also known as Power City.

In 1925, King Joginder Sen, with the help of British engineer Colonel Batty, planned to build a power house near Sakrawati village to generate electricity from water. Colonel Batty, along with his team, made a tricolor to bring water to Joginder Nagar, several kilometers from the Uhl river of Barot, located on the other side of the hill. 

Water was brought to the ground by laying pipelines in this tunnel, where the electricity house is built. A trolley line was constructed for the movement over the hill from Shanan to Barot and the transportation of construction material and machinery. Later built a power house near Shanan.

A narrow railway line (narrow gauge line) was laid from Pathankot to Shanan in Joginder Nagar to bring heavy machines imported from Britain. A trolley route was built for the trolley with the help of iron ropes to carry goods from Shanan to Barot. A dam was built at Barot. 

Joginder Nagar gained popularity in the country and abroad when the construction of the power house was completed in 1932. It is the only city in Asia with three simultaneous hydroelectric projects to generate electricity from water.

This is the only project of North India in Shanan (first stage - first stage) of Joginder Nagar which provides electricity to Punjab and Delhi at the same time. The economy of the city got a further boost when Bassi became a powerhouse in 1970 from the water of Shanan Power House.

 It is the lowest cost project in the country. Construction work of 100 MW of Uhl Phase III is in progress at a place called Machhayal. Soon after the construction of the first power house, after the migration of thousands of workers engaged in construction work, the business of the city got a big shock.

Joginder Nagar is one of the few selected cities of Himachal, which is currently connected with the rail facility ( Joginder Nagar Railway Station ).

 At that time the potato-producing hills were not connected by road. Potatoes were brought here from the far-flung areas of Mandi Kullu and Lahaul Spiti by about 2000 mules, which were sent west by train to West Bengal.

At present Population of Joginder Nagar is 110302, Nagar Panchayat, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Police Station, Petrol Pump, Government Graduate and Post Graduate Degree College, Ayurvedic Research Institute, Institute of Technology Joginder Nagar (ITI), Government Hospital, Revenue Training Institute   ( RTI ) Joginder Nagar

There are many government and private higher secondary schools. There are many good and cheap hotels to stay and eat here, of which City-Heart is one. There are many restaurants and refreshments, where almost all types of Indian, Tibetan and Chinese cuisine are available.

Joginder Nagar Temperature / Joginder Nagar Weather :

Average annual temperature  -  16 °C 

Average summer temperature   -   24 °C 

Average winter temperature -   8 °C 

Places to visit in  Joginder Nagar :

 1. Barot Valley :

A fascinating slope station at a 1.5 hour drive from the town. The most supplies on Uhl stream for Shanan and Bassi hydro power ventures are situated here. It merits calculating, angling, trekking, outdoors and different exercises. It's arranged at 1820 meters above water level and offers cool and lovely climate throughout the year. It's arranged 25 km off National Highway 20. 

The preoccupation to Barot is at a town, Ghatasani, 14 km from Jogindernagar and 35 km from Mandi. This bye street goes through Jhatingri and Tikkan. From Tikkan, the street runs along the Uhl stream till Barot. A genuine part of this street is a single path, however not a way. 

Barot might be a continuous hiker and day vacationer goal. Many trekking trails experience Barot, including trails to Bada Bhangal, Manali and Kullu. The greater part of the day sightseers were pulled in by the quiet environmental factors and modest accessibility of convenience. 

Recently, Barot is furthermore forming into a calculating goal. The Uhl waterway underpins Trout rearing and Barot envelops a couple of fish ranches. Over the waterway Uhl is the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, home to Ghoral, Himalayan Black Bear and a spread of birds. 

Barot is associated by open transports to Mandi, Jogindernagar and Palampur.

2. Bir-Billing :

Known to be the one among the most straightforward paragliding spots, it offers the searchers with everything daring you'll look for.

Paragliding at Bir Billing

There are a lot of Tibetan Buddhist cloisters in Bir, a near to town for the most part restrained by tibetan individuals estranged abroad. While Billing is that the hang-floating take-off spot for Paragliding Pre-World Cup and other worldwide level competitions like Himalyan Cup.

3. Macchyal Lake :

6 km from the Hotel Uhl is that this little lake held hallowed to Machendru Devta implies the God of Fish. it's a well known and sacrosanct in like manner swimming spot. Fish are taken care of and venerated here particularly on Saturday and Tuesday. Angling is carefully disallowed here. 

A descent inside the period of April is held here every year. Out streaming water of Uhl waterway from Bassi Power house meets into Gugli Khadd. Some excellent sanctuaries of Machendru Devta are lying adjacent to the lake with extremely old symbols of God of Fish. a moderately enormous lake is 1.5 km standoffish from consecrated lake which is 200 m extensive and 20–50 m wide..

4. Haulage Trolley Winch camp (4 km) :

Winch camp Joginder Nagar

Here might be a haulage route framework in Jogindernagar which is presumably its just very track inside the world. There are distinctive haulage path stations during this specific transportation going from Buffer stop (4,150 feet). Next is Adit Junction set at an elevation of 6,000 feet (1,800 m) is privately called as 18 number since it is engraved over yonder. 

The streetcar departs at 8.30 inside the morning however you will require unique consents from the authority of Shanan Power House to ride it since untouchables aren't permitted. The water surges down from the store at Barot inside the Uhl stream through penstock pipes occurring about k meters (3,280 feet). Haulage Way System or Trolley at Jogindernagar is one in the entirety of its own sort inside the world.

5. Chaprot (10 km) :

Chaprot Joginder Nagar

It is a popular outing spot and a home base goal arranged on Siyuri Dhar run and is 10 km from the town. It is reached through a single path street which branches off towards it from the National Highway 20 at Shanan.

A little repository for Bassi Power house is situated here. One can see the whole Joginder Nagar valley from here. One govt. building is moreover accessible however limited for authorities as it were. Yet, one can leave off inside the night subsequent to hanging out around.

6. Herbal Garden and Museum Joginder Nagar (0.5 km) :

herbal garden joginder nagar

This is the greatest home grown nursery in North India arranged a ways off of 0.5 km from the transport stand. one path street called Cinema Road associates it with the town. you'll assemble a lot of information about home grown plants, uncommon herbs et al plants of therapeutic use. One must visit the Herbal Garden committed to all or any uncommon herbs.

7. Baba Balakrupi Temple :

This wonderful sanctuary is arranged in Balakrupi town which was renamed after this sanctuary. A yearly fair is held here at close by temple ground at each Saturday of a specific month. On the right hand side of this spot is Gugli Khadd where individuals appreciate swimming. Balakrupi is 2 km from Jogindernagar.

8. Phuladhar :

Peak resort at 2260 meters known for paragliding, outdoors, traveling and 360 degree perspectives on Joginder Nagar Valley and Barot Valley, is situated at eastern side of Joginder Nagar town. 

9. Dzongsar Khyentse Monastery : 

An enormous cloister is a significant vacation destination alongside about six Buddhist Monasteries and schools close by Chauntra town exhibiting critical Tibetan engineering and practices. 

10. Jhatingri : 

Jhatingri is located at a height of 2030 meters is known for outdoors, touring and journeying, is the entryway to Barot Valley.

How to reach Jogindernagar : 

Via Air : The closest air terminals are at Gaggal , Kangra and from the one at Bhuntar close to Kullu the separation is 11km. 

By Road : Taxis and transports to Jogindernagar are accessible at all significant stations. 

By Rail : Jogindernagar is the end of the restricted check rail track from Pathankot. It is 65 km by street from Kangra and 55 km from Mandi and nearly around 35 Km from Palampur.

FAQ on Joginder Nagar :

Why Joginder Nagar is famous?

Joginder Nagar Valley, is known for paragliding and traveling, mountain trekking and camping. The valley is known for its 3 Ts: Trolley, Trout and Train. In 2015, Jogindernagar was announced as the first free Wi-Fi city in Himachal Pradesh. 

In which year was Shanan power house built in jogindernagar? 

The Shanan Hydropower Project was set up in 1932 on the Uhl stream close to Jogindernagar in Mandi distt . 

How do I get to winch camp? 

Winch Camp can be reached from Joginder Nagar by trekking or by means of Haulage Trolley. One can likewise arrive at Winch Camp from Barot valley. 

What is the population of Joginder nagar? 

According to the 2011 census enumeration, the population of Joginder nagar is 110302.

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