Shocking : Places in India where Indians are banned | Banned places in India

Sadly there are Places in India where Indians are not allowed and are prohibited. Truly , you read it right. Even following seven decades of Independence; a few spots are still yet to investigate and explore yet sadly there are Places in India where Indians are banned. 

The right to travel is a human right and you have option to go all around inside the region of a nation. 

Be that as it may, there have been times in our country when a couple of bunch have viewed themselves as over the good, moral and furthermore legitimate set of accepted rules. 

Indeed, it is shocked however yes ! India is evidently an democratic country however there are not many properties in India but still few Places where Indians are not allowed.

The abnormal reality is that these spots are claimed by some Indian yet at the same time just outsiders are permitted in these spots and not the Indians.

Indeed, even at certain spots individuals took it at other level, giving permit is something other than what's expected undertaking. Likewise there are loads of spots that require exceptional grants and special permission from government.

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Places in India where Indians are banned | Banned places in India

Here's a list of Top 10 banned places in India where Indians are banned or not allowed.

1. Free Kasol Cafe. 

Free Kasol Cafe

It is an Israeli Cafe which is arranged in Himanchal Pradesh. It originally came into feature in 2015 when it refused assistance to Indian residents without having visa. 

Since the name of the case has "Free" in it, you would at any rate anticipate that it should be available to all. Be that as it may, No! You can't enter this spot or cafe on the off chance if you are an Indian. The cafe serves individuals who hold international IDs of different nations.

In the event that you are Indian you can't stroll or enter inside this cafe. The proprietors and owners of this cafe legitimize the case, saying that there were a lot of Indians who made a scene making a ton of unsettling influence and disturbance to this spot. 

Kasol is celebrated for being a relax place for the two outsiders and Indians however this cafe at Kasol chose to just serve individuals who hold unfamiliar visas. That's why it is one of the places in India, where Indians are banned. 

This is what happened when I entered " Free Kasol cafe ".

2. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore. 

UNO Bangalore

This lodging prohibited us Indians from entering the rooftop as the proprietors had charged the neighborhood people had made a great deal of frenzy and mocked the representatives from Japan. This is likewise one of the places in India, where Indians are banned. 

The Uno-In Hotel was begun in the year 2012 in a joint effort with the Nippon Infrastructure to just oblige the expanding corporate population of Japan in Bangalore.

Nonetheless, its ubiquity and popularity got expanded in 2014 after different events where Indians were forcefully accused from entering their rooftop top cafe by the lodging staff. In no time, this hotel was closed somewhere around Greater Bangalore City Corporation on charges of racial inclination. 

3. "Outsiders Only" Beaches, Goa. 

outsiders only beach goa

A couple of sea shores in Goa - a couple of sea shore shacks and private properties in Goa doesn't permit individuals from our nation. It would appear that Indians themselves are disgracing our countrymen. This is likewise one of the places in India where Indians are banned.

A portion of the sea shores and beaches in Goa are accounted for to prevent Indian residents from entering the premises. A ultra-famous shack (name retained) at Arambol Beach doesn't lease its rooms to Indians at all since they are "lasting obscene people". 

Different proprietors of sea shores in Goa and restaurants just favor unfamiliar vacationers over Indian individuals. Furthermore, same in Puducherry sea shores which is encircled by excellent; French and Indian engineering yet a few sea shores and cafés are saved solely for outsiders. 

4. A Residential Complex in Tamil Nadu. 

residential complex Tamil Nadu

One of the most questionable nuclear project of ongoing occasions, the Kudankulam territory of Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu likewise finds a spot in this rundown. The private complex being referred to doesn't permit Indians for the sake of "rights to admission.

The Russian representatives who are working in this task are the occupants of this complex, there is a bad situation for us, Indians to own a bit of property here. 

A private complex arranged close to Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, Tirunelveli, is only saved for just Russians. It is stunning how proprietors, for the sake of the 'right to admission', execute such segregating acts to the hosts themselves. 

Why such segregation and discrimination ? While it is worthy for associations and lodgings to maintain whatever authority is needed to confirmation however these land owners took this to an entire another level and what is being done here is express racial segregation and a break of our democratic rights. 

5. Highlands Lodge, Chennai 

Highlanders lodge Chennai

Situated close to the Triplicane territory in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. This hotel allegedly doesn't permit any of the individuals from our nation and just serve individuals who hold an unfamiliar identification or foreign passport. 

Despite the fact that the cabin has been given the pen name 'Highlands'a few people accept that it might maybe refer to the 'Broadlands Lodge' situated in Triplicane zone of Tamil Nadu. It is said that this hotel belonged to a  previous Nawab however it has a strange oppressive principle that it will just serve clients with foreign passport.This is another one of the places in India, where Indians are banned. 

6. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad. 

Sakura Ryoakn Restaurant

Much the same as the one above in Bangalore. This position of safety café in Ahmedabad doesn't permit or serve Indians just to serve the Japanese clients and the explanation for this is additionally something that we have to consider.

The land owner expresses that most of the servers are young ladies from North-Eastern India and the Indian clients continue examining the servers. This is likewise one of the places in India, where Indians are not allowed.

7. Outsiders Only Beaches in Pondicherry 

Outsiders only beach Pondicherry

Much the same as Goa, Pondicherry too has joined the temporary fad. Pondicherry, which was previously the French Capital in our nation, bans Indians from not many of the sea shores. As we Indians are blamed for gazing at the unfamiliar or foreign ladies improperly. 

8. Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh 

Malana village Himachal

Malana is an antiquated Indian town which was built up by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. Some injured warriors of that time who remained back here considered as ancestors by the individuals of this town.

The locals are likewise known by the name "Touch Me Not" on the grounds that nobody is permitted to touch their things. Indeed, even individuals are confined from entering the limits of this town. The language of this town is "Kanshi" which is viewed as consecrated /sacred and outsiders can't utilize or use this language.

Aside from this, the townspeople don't permit outsiders to go into their sanctuaries in light of the fact that the residents think about outcasts as untouchables. A dam-venture called Malana Hydropower Station has brought about joining of the town with the remainder of the world and the undertaking is the main wellspring of income receipt for the town.

"Malana" the Charas village of Himachal Pradesh where Indians are treated as untouchables. Why ?

9. Some Islands of the Lakshadweep Group 


License is required to enter a portion of the Lakshadweep Islands whether you are an Indian or an outsider. Outside Nationals are just permitted to visit the islands of Agatti, Kadmat and Bangaram while Indians can visit some other delightful islands like Minicoy and Amini. 

10. Norbulingka Cafe, Dharamshala 

Norbulinga cafe Dharmshala

As indicated by a few cases posted on the web, this specific cafe has been known to deny section to anyone and each and every individual who "looks even distantly Indian". Assuming valid, that is the most quintessential case of bigotry and racism. This is also among the banned places in India for Indians.

So, these are the Top 10 places in India where Indians are banned.

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