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Top 7 Places To Visit In India For Honeymoon During The Summer Season

  Let not summer spoil your mood for romance! Summer Honeymoon in India is right for you if you are at the right place. When the temperatures get rising, it’s time to take a break and escape to the bliss of the hills. The summer honeymoon destinations in India meet the requisites of couples seeking a loving vacation, away from daily schedules in the lap of natural bliss. Misty roads, snow capped mountains in the backdrop, lush beauty as far the eyes can see and the thrilling scope of adventure makes for the idyllic romantic vacation that couples cherish for the rest of their lives. For the love-birds planning their holiday, here are the top 7 best places to visit for honeymoon in India during summer :  Shimla, Himachal Pradesh : When it comes to romance in the hills, Shimla is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in North India in summer. Settled at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, the capital of Himachal Pradesh has been a favorite summer getaway, since the days of the

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