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Dehnasar Lake Trek | Barot Valley | Himachal Pradesh

Dehnasar lake barot

Dehnasar Lake Trek , Barot  

Dehnasar Lake Trek (4,280 m) is an extraordinary trek in the Dhauladhar Range of Kangra . It is probably the best trek close Barot. As per the Mythology, Dehnasar lake is the dwelling place to Goddess Parvati who is said to visit the lake in Bhadrapada month of Hindu schedule which for the most part falls in August or September. It is likewise accepted that whosoever lectures Sun God while remaining in water get their desires fulfilled.There are two routes of action towards the lake from Barot Valley in Mandi District.

  • Jogindernagar -Barot-Lohardi-Polling-Dehnasar Lake.
  • Jogindernagar -Thaltukhod-Dehnasor Lake.

Polling Village is the starting point for hiking up to Dehnasar Lake and Polling is 9 km north from Barot, which is well accessible by road up to Lohardi . This Beautiful village is less visited, first of all because this village is only accessible by foot and two wheeler. Second, this is a lesser known spot, and most tourists are not aware of it.But I can suggest this village to all of you to visit this traditional and wonderful village once. You can experience the heritage and culture of the Himachal.

The trek to this heavenly Dehnasar lake begins from Luhardi or Lohardi which is 8 km a long way from Barot. One can reach Lohardi by his own vehicle or open vehicle as well.

Himachal Pradesh is known as a heaven of the travel industry. It has many known and obscure travel destinations. Barot is one of such obscure spots which has not gotten encouragement and credit on the travel industry guide of the state. 

Situated on a separation of 66 Kilometer from Mandi town, which is situated on Chandigarh-Manali highway(NH-20), Barot is an excellent goal encircled by thick timberlands of Deodar trees. A progression of attractions are in sitting tight for a voyager in this town. The stores of the Joginder Nagar Hydel Power Project are situated here. Barot is an awesome area which gives huge chances of calculating, fishing and journeying to guests. Barot turned into a hiving focal point of the travel industry as of late.

Uhl Barot
Uhl , Barot

Speedy Facts about Dehnasar Lake Trek: 

Trip / Trek Distance: 24km 

Most extreme Altitude: 14,124 ft 

Trouble Level: Easy to Moderate 

ATM: You will discover ATMs in Barot.

Dehnasar Lake Trekking :

Lohardi , Barot

Difficulty - Moderate

The modestly difficult, 14-km, tough trek opens after June and closes after September.

Transitory lodging and tents are raised close to the area of the lake during the journey season that falls in July to September consistently. Shepherds are usually located along the trek during journey, just as uncommon herbs and flowers.

The base area to trek tough towards the lake is at Polling town, 9 km northwards Barot which is available by street up to Lohardi. The respectably troublesome, 14-km, tough trek opens after June and closes after September. 

Trekking through Lohardi is the most usually utilized and briefest because of its lofty inclination. The Thaltukhod trek is increasingly extensive and tedious because of gentler inclines. The Dehnasar lake is receptive through another trek that begins from the contrary side of Kullu Valley. It can take over 3 days to finish forward and backward excursion utilizing this course.

Instructions to Reach Dehnasar Lake: 

1: Reach Barot 71 kms from Mandi. 

2: Barot to Luhardi/Lohardi 8 kms. 

3: Luhardi to Polling 2 kms (approx.) 

4: Polling to Dehnasar.

Dehnasar Lake Temperature :

In the day time 13-18 degrees & Night Temperature is -5 to 7 degrees is the average temperature of Dehnasar Lake.

Things To carry for Dehnasar Lake Trek :

Dehnasar Lake Trek

50-60 liters rucksack with great hip and soulder backing and snappy access pockets 

Trekking Shoes: water evidence journeying shoes with great grasp and lower leg underpins 

Head Gear: Head light with additional batteries 

Garments: You have to have comfortable garments with three-layer coats, wool or down quill coat. two shirts with full sleeves fast dry material. For brings down convey cotton pants appropriate for journey. Do no convey pants or shorts for traveling. 

Waterproof shell/Ponchos: At high heights, snowfall and downpour are very normal and it's obligatory to convey a rain guard or parka with the goal that one doesn't get wet. 

Socks: Carry 2 - 3 sets of sports socks alongside woolen socks to be worn around evening time. 

Trekking Poles : pair of traveling posts will have the effect between an agreeable and an exhausting trip 

Shades: To shield from daylight in snow you require UV beams ensured shades. 

Woolen Cap and Gloves are likewise fundamental as the atmosphere will be cold. Convey waterproof gloves as they get wet in day off. 

Food and Water: 2-3 liters of water bottle ,vitality bars, dry fruits,glucon d ,ors powder 

Sunscreen, Toiletries and individual things.

Required Documents for Dehnasar Lake Trek :

  • ID archive 
  • Trip Registration Form 
  • Clinical Certificate / Medical certificate

So , that  is about the Dehnasar Lake Trek Blog. Hope you all adored persuing this.

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