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Sunder Nagar Lake | Famous Lakeside Town in Himachal Pradesh

Sundernagar lake

Sunder Nagar lake is situated in Main Sunder nagar area which is a spot in Mandi City and a metropolitan committee in Mandi region Himachal Pradesh. The spot overall is very peaceful. There are part of picturesque marvels to see like nightfall across the lake. Sunder Nagar is situated at a height of 1174 meters.

Sunder Nagar Lake is formed after redirecting the waters of the Beas River, the Sundernagar lake has been shaped as a piece of the BSL (Beas Satluj Link) Project. The man-made lake is extremely delightful and watching the sun rise and set while sitting on the banks of the lake is a treat for the eyes.

The captivating beauty and excellence of this unassuming town is grasped by the man-made lake created by the waters of the Beas-Sutlej Project. This is India's Biggest Hydel Project. It is known for its obscure and high transcending trees.

The green excellence is ideal for a colder time of year just as summer moves away. It very well may be a modest community however visiting here will doubtlessly sooth your brain and soul. 

The sanctuaries speak to the rich culture of the region; the most visited being Mahamaya Temple. Sunder Nagar was previously the prison of Mandi, however today it is a metropolitan committee of the Mandi District. 

The spot is very quiet and has a decent number of areas guiding grand magnificence. It is an honored town with common excellence. Quite possibly the most mystical spot in the territory of Himachal Pradesh is the town of Sunder Nagar. It lies in the Mandi region and is ideal for individuals who wish to take a tranquil get-away. 

It has numerous vacation destinations to flaunt, for example Murari Devi Temple, Sukhdev Vatika, Rewalsar lake, Mahamaya Temple. These spots give an ideal vibe to Sundar Nagar and make it an advantageous vacationer location to investigate. 

History of Sunder Nagar : 

Sunder Nagar was some time ago a Princely state known as Suket. The town is celebrated for the man-made lake which was shaped because of the water of the Beas River being redirected from Pandoh.

According to legend, the state was established in 765 by Bira Sen, who was from the Sena line of Bengal. It joined the Union of India on April 15, 1948.

Best Places to Visit in and around Sunder Nagar :

Sunder Nagar Lake: 

This man-made Sundernagar lake is exceptionally wonderful and watching the sun rise and set while sitting on the banks of the lake is a treat for the eyes. 

Sukhdev Vatika: 

Arranged close to the BBMB repository, it is accepted that Sage Shukhdev pondered here during the pre-Mahabharat period. Curiously, the name 'Suket' is likewise derived from the name of the sage.

Murari Devi Temple: 

Murari Devi Temple

The sanctuary is on the most holy slope of Sunder Nagar for example Murari Dhar. History says that the sanctuary was worked by Pandavas during their Agyatwas. It has rocks which are accepted to have the impressions of the Pandavas. 

Rewalsar Lake: 

Rewalsar lake

Because of the presence of Buddhist religious communities, this spot is of high profound adoration and is viewed as probably the best spot to visit in Sunder Nagar. Moreover, aside from the Buddhist cloisters, this spot likewise has the presence of sanctuaries devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Rishi Lomas. 

Hateshwari Temple: 

Situated off of almost 8 kilometers from Sundernagar, it is acclaimed for being where the historical backdrop of the Pandavas can be followed. The managing divinity of the locale, Devi Haateswari dwells in this spot, and has a colossal continuity in the district. 

Mahamaya Temple: 

Situated on top of a slope, the Mahamaya sanctuary is probably the greatest sanctuary of Sundernagar, and is visited by a large number of enthusiasts consistently. It is devoted to the Mother Goddess. 

Bhutnath Temple: 

This sanctuary goes back to the 1520s and has been committed to Lord Shiva. At the point when you visit this spot - you will discover the sculpture of Nandi who was Lord Shiva's bull confronting the passageway of the curved door. An otherworldly searcher can't bear to miss this spot. 

Pandoh Dam: 

Pandoh Dam

The Pandoh Dam is situated on the Beas River. It finished in 1977 with the essential goal to produce hydroelectricity. Furthermore, as a bit of metropolitan design, this spot likewise draws an incredible number of travelers lasting through the year. 

Prashar Lake: 

Prashar lake

This is maybe truly outstanding strange travel alternatives to consider while going to Himachal Pradesh. The completely clear body of this lake will blow your mind. The appeal and magic of this lake are maybe what drives individuals to find this really astonishing travel escape.

Best Time to Visit Sunder Nagar :

Sundernagar experiences near-freezing temperatures in the winter, due to the presence of the lake. In the summers, the temperature is relatively cool, as the cold waters of the Satluj and the Beas rivers give a cooling effect to the town. 

In the event that you like snowfall then winter is the best time to visit Sunder Nagar. Else, you can likewise consider going here throughout the late spring months.

How to Reach Sunder Nagar : 

Sunder Nagar is arranged on National Highway 21 and is 125 km from Manali. Transports at ordinary stretches are accessible. The closest air terminal to Sundernagar is in Bhuntar, which is 82 kilometers away. 

The closest railroad station to Sundernagar is in Jogindernagar, which is 80 kilometers away. Whereas , Mandi district is about 45 kilometers.

Via Air : 

In the region of Sundar Nagar, the closest air terminal is the Bhuntar Airport of the Kullu region in Himachal Pradesh. You can take departures from your close by air terminal to Shimla and Kangra air terminals as well.

Via Road : 

Visiting Sundar Nagar by road can be a lot of helpful to you in the event that you are looking for a smooth encounter alongside seeing the picturesque magnificence of slopes from a nearby look. 

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