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Prashar Lake in Mandi | Himachal Pradesh


Prashar lake mandi

Prashar Lake in Mandi | Himachal Pradesh

Parashar Lake in Mandi, is a lovely lake situated around 50 kilometers from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. It is a goal for both travel enthusiasts and local people too. With a three stories pagoda like sanctuary, committed to sage Prashar, on its banks, it is considered as a blessed lake and local people from close by regions keep on visiting here throughout the entire year. Prashar lake is situated at a height of of 2,730 meters and according to the legend, genuine depth of the lake is as yet obscure. 

Prashar lake is open for guests constantly, including winter months. Majority of the travel industry here occurs in summer, many individuals additionally go to the lake while it is secured totally under a thick sheet of day off. In this article I will talk about how you can design your excursion for Prashar Lake in Mandi.


History of Prashar Lake :


There is a baffling story taken cover behind the History of Prashar lake. The name Prashar originates from a sage named Prashar who had pondered and meditated here for quite a while . Mythology says that this lake was shaped by Pandavas when they were on their way after Mahabharata was finished, with god Kamrunag to discover the best spot for their educator. Dev Kamrunag cherished the disconnection of this spot so much that he chose to remain here for an amazing remainder. On his solicitation, Bheemsen, one of the Pandava siblings, shaped the lake by pushing his elbow and lower arm on the pinnacle of the mountain. Furthermore, that is the explanation accepted by local people after oval-formed lakes with profundity obscure.


Facts About Prashar Lake in Mandi :

  • The temple was built in the thirteenth century and tradition has it been constructed from a single tree by a baby.  

  • The lake is surrounded by a floating island, although it is still uncertain how deep it is, with a diver unable to assess its depth. 

  • Several times in storms a cedar tree of nearly 30 meters in height will collapse into the lake to vanish.

Best Time to visit Prashar Lake :

The best and ideal opportunity to visit this peaceful scene in a year would be April-July and afterward September-November to appreciate the wonderful climate and heavenly perspective on snow-capped mountains and the staggering Sutlej waterway out there, Prashar lake very close.

Prashar lake in winter
Prashar lake in winter

 Mystery behind the depth of Prashar lake : 


The depth of the Prashar lake has not been resolved at this point. Local people say that they have seen large trees drowning in water because of a storm without leaving a trace. Infact about certain years prior, a gathering of researchers accompanied diving instruments and machines to explain the secrets of this lake, yet couldn't reach the base of the lake. Prashar lake depth riddle is yet to be decoded!


 Prashar Lake Trek : 

Prashar lake trek
Prashar lake Trek

The Trek to Prashar lake begins from Bagi town, and the Prashar lake trek distance is around 7.5 Km. The trip is generally tough and one needs to go through the thick backwoods. The stroll all through the journey is pleasant on account of the long pine trees and excellent slopes. During winters the Lake and its environmental factors are completely encased with snow offering a mysterious site. One can do this journey consistently yet the best and ideal opportunity to do the trip is pre-rainstorm and post storm seasons.


Camping at Prashar Lake :

There are many camping sites in Prashar lake and many camping enthusiasts came here for camping. The complete location is perfect for camping . There are a lot of camping sites here that took about Rs. 1000 per person for one day  including the meals. They are not the best or super comfortable  but will keep you warm and you will be able to sleep well through the night; maybe a little uncomfortably though. Washrooms along with camp sites is also an issue and you have to do your business in Jungle.


Prashar lake


How to reach Prashar lake ?


Prashar lake is situated in Mandi District , so you need to reach Mandi first to begin your way towards Prashar. Prashar Lake is a good way off of around 55 kilometers from Mandi. The course is Mandi – Bijani – Kamand – Baggi – Prashar Lake. The state of the street relies on your season of movement .The street is normal however in scarcely any zones it will be underneath normal. 


Arriving at Mandi :


For simplicity of showing up, it is good to arrive at Mandi and push off for your excursion ahead to Prashar lake from Mandi around the same time. Mandi is very much associated by road just as it has a huge load of public vehicle alternatives, as it lies on the way to Manali. 


You can arrive at the lake by traveling, or through the motorable street. Baggi, the regular beginning stage can be reached by means of Mandi as there is no immediate public transportation accessible. Likewise, there are normally transports from Mandi, a locale in Himachal Pradesh, to the lake. Public vehicle access is one of the most reasonable and plausible alternatives. 


Route to Prashar Lake :


Mandi – Bijani – Kamand – Biaggi – Prashar Lake  (50 Kms) .


Prashar Lake is around 55 kilometers from Mandi. In the event that you were visiting here during a rainstorm, at that point even this stretch will have a few awful areas loaded with slush. It is a limited winding street and the whole drive is a truly steep trip right till the top. I will emphatically encourage you to go moderate and cautiously as the traffic here is two different ways. 


Since relatively few vehicles travel on this course regularly, local people will in general accelerate uncommonly while going downhill. Despite the fact that the separation is just 50 odd kilometers, getting to Prashar Lake from Mandi.


Via Air :


The closest Airport from Prashar Lake is Bhuntar, roughly 60 KMs away. You should take a taxi/transport to get to Mandi. Notwithstanding, in the event that you have no designs to investigate Mandi, it will be smarter to get the taxi straightforwardly to Baggi town. The air terminal has restricted network and may confront breaks in activities, given climate variances in the locale.

In the event that you were to visit during storm season , at that point even this stretch will have a few awful segments loaded with slush. It is a restricted winding street and the whole drive is truly steep ascension right till the top. I will emphatically encourage you to go moderate and cautiously as the traffic here is two different ways.


IIT Kamand / IIT Mandi :

IIT Mandi / IIT Kamand
IIT Kamand , Mandi

Prashar Lake is just 49 Km from Mandi but still it take around 3 hours to jump on the top, presently road condition is smidgen acceptable upto IIT Mandi at Kamand, I had gone from Mandi, going tough from Mandi till Katindi town after that road is downhill upto Kamand town which lies on the bank of Uhl waterway, perspective on the slopes and recently built IIT is obviously noticeable from the beginning of downhill close Katindhi, IIT Mandi is really a most lovely IIT of India in the laps of Himalayas. I am trusting Prashar Lake became acclaimed in light of the close by IIT Mandi grounds at Kamand which is only 12 KM from Mandi. 


Stay at Prashar Lake :

Guest House at Prashar Lake :

The best spot to remain at Prashar Lake would be both of the HPPWD and Forest Department Guest house. The main issue is that you have to book your stay here ahead of time or won't be permitted in. The greatest preferred position with the guest houses is of washrooms which turns into a test with other two choices. 

These two guest houses are of Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department and another one to the Forest Department. The two of them are at a mobile separation of around a little ways from the lake. They are the best arrangement as far as area and perspectives also.

Remain or accomodation here is accessible as two govt guest houses .People come to Prashar hoping to camp. 


Hotels at Prashar Lake :


There are a couple of Hotels also in transit as you move up from Mandi to Prashar Lake , yet none anyway close to the lake. These are at any rate 1 hour's drive away from Prashar lake.


There is one campground anyway that has their own washroom set up, two lodge measured ones. The main issue is that this specific campground is around 2 kilometers stroll from the lake. The whole area is ideal for outdoors on the off chance that you are intrigued to do so , however on the off chance that you have a decent spending plan and you need to remain in Hotel then you must be back hardly any Kms and you will discover scarcely any inns close Baggi and Kamand as there is no lodging close Prashar lake.


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