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Rajgundha Trek | Himachal Pradesh - Ultimate Trekking and Camping Guide

Rajgundha camping
Rajgundha Trek | Himachal Pradesh 

Rajgundha Trek | Himachal Pradesh . As you know, the population of our country is increasing day by day. And in such a situation, buildings, roads, houses are being built everywhere. There are very few places where you can enjoy your holiday in peace without listening to the sounds of vehicles. For this reason, many places have lost their charm and have become a tourist destination now.

But still there are some places which are still left from the life of this crowd. Yes, I am right. One such beautiful place is named Rajgundha Valley. Today I will tell you how you can visit this beautiful Rajgundha Valley which is surrounded by Dhauladhar ranges , and spend your precious time with your loved ones. 

The way of life of the people living in Rajgundha valley is quite simple. The primary occupation of the villagers here is farming and they sell produce in the popular Himachali markets and earn from them. They also use their own grown produce to prepare their food and that is a healthy diet. The people here are very straightforward and also helpful.

About Rajgundha Trek :

Rajgundha Valley is a village nestled between Billing and Barot Valley which is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. It is a small village surrounded by Dhauladhar mountain ranges and provides a clear sky. It is situated between the mountains which is slightly different from this modern world and takes you to a different world which is very attractive.

It is situated at an altitude of 8900 feet, and one can reach this village only through trekking. This may take 3-5 hours. Rajgundha is the best place for nature and hill lovers. It is not very popular, so there is not much crowd here. You can enjoy your holidays in peace with your friends and family here.

The Rajgundha trek distance is more than 16 km long, connecting two road heads and it takes one to two days to complete the trek. It reflects the lifestyle, nature, wildlife and local culture of this village. Not only this, tourists also like camping here.

How to reach Rajgundha Valley Himachal Pradesh :

Rajgundha Valley
Rajgundha Valley Himachal Pradesh 

Now all of you must be thinking that the rest is later but how to reach Rajgundha. As such, till now you have come to know that Rajgundha is a village in the middle of the mountains and there are no roads connecting it to other places.

Therefore, you have to go trekking to reach here. There are two starting points for the Rajgundha trek. One is the Billing Paragliding Site and the other is the Barot Valley.

But you need to reach billing or barot before starting your tracking.

How to reach Bir Billing :

The way to Bir Billing is good enough and is associated with many significant urban areas like Palampur, Dharamshala and so on. You will easily get public or private road transport options to reach here.

Bir Billing to Rajgundha Valley :

Subsequent to coming to Bir, you can continue towards Billing, which is around 14 km and the vehicle takes around an hour. In the event that you have your own vehicle, you can basically take it to the parking site and park it there. There will be a stopping expense however it ought to be generally sheltered. 

Another alternative is to enlist a taxi for this outing which can cost you anyplace between 600 - 1000 INR. On the off chance that you are going in a gathering, it isn't a lot. Yet, on the off chance that you are voyaging solo, at that point you have to discover different travelers going for a similar trip. 

When you arrive at the billing take-off site, the Rajgundha journey will start.

How to Reach Barot valley :

In the event that you are intending to begin the trip from Barot town, at that point here is the thing that you should do. 

Initially, you should reach Barot which should be possible by means of transport, taxi, or a private vehicle.

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In the wake of coming to Barot, you should take a taxi to reach Bada Graan town which is around 20 km. The taxi will cost you around 600-700 INR for the full taxi. On the off chance that there are a couple of others, at that point you can even convince the cab driver to take you on a mutual premise. 

It will take you around 45 minutes to arrive at the Bada Graan town from where your trip will at last begin.

Best Time for Rajgundha Trek :

Rajgundha trek

Rajgundha trek should be possible during the time aside from the rainstorm months. In any case, each season offers something remarkable to the guests so you can pick the journeying time in like manner. 

Rajgundha Weather :

Summer Season (March – June)

Rajgundha has a cool temperature consistently. Along these lines, in the event that you are hoping to get away from the late spring heat, at that point summer season is a decent an ideal opportunity to visit Rajgundha. Throughout the mid year, you will encounter clear sky and fresh cool air to go with you here. 

What's more, you will likewise have the option to camp outside and appreciate a dunk in the cool, reviving waterway pools here. 

Winter Season (October – February)

For snow sweethearts, the winter season is a decent an ideal opportunity to visit Rajgundha as the whole spot gets perfectly canvassed in day off. The snow begins to fall around mid-December and endures till February, causing this whole town to take after a Christmas town. 

Be that as it may, it gets truly cold as of now and journeying to this town can be somewhat intense. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can overcome the cold and the trip, at that point you are skilled with an excellent snow-shrouded mountains see. 

Post-Monsoon Season (July – September)

As referenced before, the storm is anything but a decent an ideal opportunity to visit the valley as the traveling courses become unavailable. Be that as it may, when the rainstorm is finished, which ordinarily happens some place around the finish of September, at that point you can come here once more. 

After rainstorm, the whole valley is secured with rich greenery and you can likewise observe snow-topped mountains out there. Along these lines, this is additionally a decent an ideal opportunity to visit Rajgundha valley in the event that you are searching for some harmony and calm.

Rajgundha Trek Distance :

Rajgundha covered by snow

Both the journeying courses to Rajgundha are loaded up with grand perspectives and beautiful views , however are totally unique in relation to one another. The Barot course offers a perspective on the Dhauladhar ranges while the Billing course takes you through thick, green backwoods.

Billing Trek Route :

The Rajgundha trek distance via billing is nearly 14 km and can take anyplace between 4-5 hours to reach. This course hushes up, with only 1 appropriate stop in transit and you won't see many individuals on this way. Yet, the course itself is very basic and clear to follow and can't be truly befuddled. 

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In any case, you must be cautious while strolling on this course since you can experience a couple of wild creatures in transit. Along these lines, it is smarter to take a guide with you who has a thought regarding this region. Yet, by and large, this is a simple though a somewhat extensive trip. 

Barot Trek Route :

The Barot journey trek route is an aggregate of 6 km and can be finished in very nearly 2-3 hours and would expect you to cross the waterway in transit. This journey course is marginally more precarious as there are a couple of steep climbs and plunges on this course. Also, in transit, you will run over a couple of little water sources where you can top off your water bottle and satisfy your thirst. 

Once more, you don't have a food slow down in transit however you do cross a town and a couple of homesteads on your way. Additionally, since this is a shorter way, you can pack some food from Rajgundha and keep yourself full for the 2-3 hours of trip. From that point forward, you would reach Barot town where you can have a heavenly supper.

Accommodation Options in Rajgundha :

As Rajgundha is as yet an unexplored and moderately mystery area, there aren't a ton of lodgings or inns to remain here. Nonetheless, you do have several camps and visitor houses here where you can remain for the evening. 


A visitor house would cost you around 700-800 INR here for the evening and you can likewise get newly arranged suppers here. 

Trust me, you need to attempt the Himachali suppers here as they are sound as well as truly delectable too, readied from newly cut vegetables. 


Another choice is get your own tent and camp in a shut nook by paying a little expense to the residents. You can likewise take an outdoors bundle to this site where the journeying organization will get all of you the vital gear and you can basically appreciate the view 

Don't camp alone on an unstable land as a great deal of wild creatures meander around here at night and around evening time. In this way, it is in every case great to camp in a fenced region, encircled by different houses.

Conclusion of Rajgundha Trek :

An ideal, odd journey in the Himalayan district, Rajgundha journey isn't audacious yet truly fulfilling. With clear skies and encompassing mountain ranges, you will feel ensured and safe here. Furthermore, you can make certain to have one of the most vital evenings while outdoors here.

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