Top 5 places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

The Top 5 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh, India. Bir Billing - Kullu Manali - Prashar Lake - Barot Valley - Mashroor Rock Cut Temple. 

Top 5 places to visit in Himachal Pradesh are :

1. Bir Billing

My old neighborhood is Joginder Nagar which is not really 15 Km from Bir. I visit Bir Billing on more than one occasion per month and I would state it standout amongst other audacious places in HP. 

Bir is a town situated in the Kangra locale of Himachal Pradesh and is legitimately viewed as the paradise for Paragliding. The para lightweight plane is propelled from Billing, 18 km north of Bir, and one skims down from Billing to the Landing Site at Bir. The names of the two spots are in this manner utilized in conjugation as Bir Billing.

In case you're visiting this entrancing mountain town for trekking or paragliding (Bir has customary worldwide occasions), there's no better method to start your day than a yoga meeting at sunrise.Whether a beginner or an expert, there's a lot to be gained from a yoga master, and no preferable spot over here in the mountains. Unequaled peacefulness at grand Bir makes this a remarkable yoga meeting very like none other.

Paragliding cost in Bir Billing

Paragliding / Flight time: 15 minutes – 30 minutes. 

Cost: ₹ 2500/ - Per Person. ( Varies season wise )

Season: October – June. 

Atmosphere: 10 – 25 centigrade. 

Departure site: 8020 feet from ocean level. 

Landing site: 4350 feet from ocean level. 

Area: Bir Billing, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. 

2. Kullu Manali

Manali is a remarkable goal that never disillusions the guests. The guaranteeing high pinnacles, superb cascades in the fresh climate goes about as a magnet for the explorers.

kullu manali

It is a mind blowing place for summers just as winters with the snowfall in Manali resembles a cherry on the cake. The amazing get-away to the goal will make individuals experience passionate feelings for snow clad mountains that transform into ski inclines and zones of a few games. The snow is the ideal occasion subject during winters when the interesting town changes into white marble.Adventure has everlastingly been a craving for people, against which one analyzes and puts to test their capacity and guts. There are numerous daring goals in India at the same time, yet nothing matches the assortment of exercises in Manali. It is the Himachal's brave center point. Because of the slanted scenes, it gives the ideal taste of dare to the lovers. With regards to discussing the experience and the brave exercises in Manali, the rundown is ceaseless. Aside from the staggering sights and the magnificent vibe, there are different top activities in Manali which are noteworthy consideration searcher for voyagers.

3. Prashar Lake

Nature holds puzzles that are here and there outside the ability to grasp of us minor humans. The coasting island on Prashar (likewise Parashar) Lake in Himachal Pradesh is one such example. Cuddled against the lower regions of the forceful Himalayas among gigantic impressive mountains, seeing Prashar Lake is as emotional as it can get!

Prashar lake

To get to the lake, you have to reach Baggi town in Mandi region. The closest town is Mandi, at around 50 Km from the lake zone. On the off chance that you are traveling to Bhuntar air terminal in Kullu, at that point you can take a transport straightforwardly to Mandi. 
The best time to investigate Prashar Lake and its environmental factors is whenever among March and November since the winter months enclose the region by a cover of day off.

4. Barot Valley

Barot valley

Barot a town, initially created in 1920s for Shanan Hydro Project is currently a traveler area in Mandi in the Indian territory of HP. Barot was hard to access until 1975 when a street was opened. It is arranged 40 km from Joginder Nagar and 66 km from Mandi, the region central command. 

The way to Barot fans out at Jogindernagar-Mandi high ways and from Joginder nagar the separation is 40 km. It is at times conceivable to utilize the funicular streetcar from Jogindernagar which diminishes the separation to 12 km. The street course incorporates terraced fields and thick cedar backwoods, ascending to Jhatingri at the ridge. The remaining parts of the late spring castle of the previous leaders of Mandi are situated here. Through the little town of Tikkan, the street carries on to Barot. The town has a scope of open air exercises, including a trout rearing focus from where fish are discharged into the Uhl. A 30 km segment of the waterway is utilized for calculating. 

Barot additionally shapes the portal to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies over the Uhl. The asylum is home to the monal, wild bear and ghoral. Inside it are backwoods rest houses at Thaltuckhod and Silbandhwari. Through woods of cedar and pine a trek course slices over the asylum to Kullu. 

Barot Valley climate is genuinely moderate, i.e., neither excessively sweltering in summers nor excessively cold in winters. The normal yearly temperature is near 16°C. Barot valley can be visited whenever of the year aside from storms in light of the fact that the region gets substantial precipitation due to encompassing thick timberlands.

5. Mashroor Rock Cut Temple

Mahroor rock cut temple

Named as the Himalayan Pyramid, Masroor Rock Cut Temple is a well known archeological site in India is around 32 km from Kangra on Nagrota-Surian Link Road. A significant piece of the well known stone cut sanctuaries are in ruins yet one can examine the relics unmistakably. As per various investigations directed by the specialists the sanctuary complex was worked in the middle of eighth ninth century AD. 
As indicated by the nearby fantasies, the Pandavas invested a significant time here in this sanctuary premise during their outcast. Another story tells about the presence of a deficient flight of stairs which is found inside the sanctuary. It is said that the flight of stairs was built by the Pandavas to arrive at paradise. They made a vow to complete the development work by that day morning. Tuning in to this Indra, the lord of the Gods got strained as the steps would make the best approach to arrive at paradise effectively open. So he camouflaged himself as a crow and crowed noisily before the early first light. Thus the Pandavas, couldn't finish the flight of stairs.


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