Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Kangra | The heritage of Himachal Pradesh

Masroor Rock Cut Temple, Kangra

 Masroor Rock Cut Temple - The heritage of Himachal :

Masroor Rock Cut Temple is a well known archeological site in India is around 32 km from Kangra on Nagrota-Surian Link Road. A significant piece of the acclaimed rock cut sanctuaries are in ruins yet one can examine the relics plainly. As indicated by various examinations directed by the specialists the sanctuary complex was worked in the middle of eighth ninth century AD.

A gathering of 15 solid stone cut sanctuaries structured in Indo-Aryan style. The primary sanctuaries contain the stone icons of Rama-Laxman and Sita. It is guaranteed that every one of the 15 sanctuaries are cut out of a solitary stone.

Generally noteworthy around the temple, is the view. The sandstone towers appear to ascend from the lavish greenery, as though going after the skies. Past them, lies the Kangra valley, and some place further on, the Dhauladhar ranges. It is an excellent sight, one which rouses confidence.

About Masroor Rock Cut Temple :

masroor rock cut temple kangra

As indicated by the nearby fantasies, the Pandavas invested a significant time here in this sanctuary premise during their outcast. Another story tells about the presence of a deficient flight of stairs which is found inside the sanctuary. It is said that the flight of stairs was built by the Pandavas to arrive at paradise. 

They made a vow to complete the development work by that day morning. Tuning in to this Indra, the lord of the Gods got strained as the steps would make the best approach to arrive at paradise effectively open. So he camouflaged himself as a crow and crowded noisily before the early first light. Thus the Pandavas couldn't finish the flight of stairs.

History of Masroor Rock Cut Temple :

This temple complex was uncovered and found in the year 1875 however it was generally pulverized during the Kangra tremor in 1905. In the year 1913, on request of a British official this site was considered as a legacy site. 

The sanctuary ruins have been resuscitated and protected with most extreme exertion and care and offers one of the most all encompassing perspectives – an administration senior auxiliary school, an Anganwadi Kendra, a little coffee bar in the nearby region and a lake before the temple complex .

The sanctuary has three passageways – upper east, southeast and on the northwest side. The two of these passageways stay inadequate. The entire complex is evenly chalked out on a square shape matrix. 

Henry Shuttleworth was the main individual who welcomed consideration of the archeologists towards the sanctuary complex in the year 1913. According to a workmanship student of history and specific educator in Indian Temple design, Michael Meister, the Masroor Temples are a living case of sanctuary mountain style of Hindu engineering. 

The sanctuaries offer a great deal to investigate in verifiable and design angles. The reliefs of the major Puranic and Vedic divine beings and goddesses and portrayals of legends from different Hindu writings included by the sanctuaries complex pull in the fan's consideration.

Best Time to Visit Masroor Rock Cut Temple :

It is prescribed that you attempt to visit the Masroor Rock Cut Temple during Shivaratri so you will appreciate the celebration that the nearby individuals celebrate there for the sake of entertainment and skip around then. It is likewise suggested that you try not to visit the sanctuary in the storm season as a result of the unexpected and hazardous avalanches that occur in Himachal Pradesh around then because of the hefty precipitation. 

How to Reach Masroor Rock Cut Temple :

The Masroor Rock Cut Temple is situated 43 km from Dharamshala. You can recruit a vehicle or a taxi to arrive at this beautiful place. Masroor Rock Cut Temple is around 36 Km from Kangra.

Via Road : Dharamashala is the closest city which is around 43 Km. Take a transport to Dharamshala and from that point, enlist a private taxi. 

Via air : Kangra Airport is the closest airport nearby 30 Km. You'll discover a lot of cabs there that will take you to these sanctuaries. 

Via train : The closest railroad station is at Kangra i:e 53 km and from that point, one can undoubtedly discover a taxi.

Places to visit near Masroor Rock Cut Temple :

Kangra Fort : 

Kangra Fort

On the edges of the town of Kangra lives the Kangra Fort, a ways off of 20 KM from dharamsala. As indicated by the Archeological Survey of India, the Kangra Fort is the eighth biggest Fort in the country. 

Dal Lake Dharamshala : 

Dal Lake Dharamshala

Dal Lake is a little mid-height lake arranged a ways off of 11 kilometers from Dharamshala close Mcleodganj Naddi street in area Kangra Himachal Pradesh.Dal Lake is 2KM walk westwards from McLeodganj bazaar. Nestling in the midst of lavish green woodlands of deodar trees, the Dal Lake is acclaimed for its grand magnificence and journey focus. 

Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is a high elevation, shallow, freshwater lake south of the Dhauladhar range close to Dharamshala. The whole path of the journey is exceptionally different and delightful. It is at an elevation of 2934 M. There is a sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva and Shakti on a ridge sitting above the lake.

Bhagsunath Temple :

Bhagsunath Waterfall

Bhagsunag Temple in McLeod Ganj is a significant and improving Hindu sanctuary that is situated on the wellspring of a characteristic mountain spring. The waters that stream from underneath the sanctuary are accepted to recuperate disease and the freezing waters have been directed into enormous tanks in which enthusiasts may shower to purge aliments. 

Masroor Rock Cut Temple Travel Tips :

• Wear agreeable footwear as you have to walk a ton to arrive at the sanctuary. 

• Wear new and clean garments. 

• Wear suitable garments, ideally that cover your full body, to offer petitions to the Lord. 

• Remove footwears at the shoe-racks at the passage of the sanctuary. 

• Put your camera away as photography is disallowed in the limited areas of the sanctuary. 

• Avoid wearing calfskin or conveying cowhide bags and satchels as it is viewed as censorious in regard to the Lord.

Ticket Price Of Masroor Rock Cut Temple  : 

Individual Ticket Price : 25 Rs.

Conclusion :

That is about the delightful Masroor Rock Cut Temple near Dharamshala. I trust you folks would love to visit this wonderful spot.

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