Kangra Fort

An eminent perspective on the Dhauladhar Ranges from the highest point of the stronghold.

    Kangra Fort

Kangra is a major town and is additionally one of the most populated areas of Himachal Pradesh. It lies nearly in the lower regions of the Himalayas in the region of the mountain scopes of Lower Shivaliks and Dhauladhars. The old name of Kangra used to be Trigartha and it is still here and there alluded to as Nagarkot.

History of kangra Fort

The Kangra stronghold was worked by the regal group of Kangra – and was established by Susharma Chand. The stronghold goes back to 1009 A.D. furthermore, is likely the most established dated post in the Himalayas. It sits on a slope with steep drops down to the Banganga stream valley, making it an impressive fortress; hard to climb and win. The high bulwarks and dividers spread a circuit of around 4 kilometers.

Kangra fort

Principle entryway of Kangra fort is the Ranjit Singh Gate. A long, thin and slopping ventured entry prompts the highest point of the post through the Ahani and the Amiri Darwaza-both ascribed to Nawab Saif Ali Khan – the first Mughal legislative head of Kangra.

peepul tree kangra fort
The peepul tree in the patio. 

Kangra fort

Right at the top, there is a clearing, reinforced now with railings. Could it have once been a lookout point, or would it have been a place for the family to sit in the evening and watch the sun go down over the mountains?

Travel Tips :

1. Kangra Fort is situated in old Kangra around 3 kms from the Kangra Bus Stand and 20 kms from Dharamshala. Automobiles charge about Rs 100/ - from Kangra Bus Stand while a city transport would charge Rs 5 to drop off at the bus station from where it is a down slope stroll to the passageway of the Fort .

2. It is open somewhere in the range of 9am and 7pm ordinarily aside from Tuesday. The connecting exhibition hall is shut on Friday 

3. If it's not too much trouble take the Audio Guide for Rs 100 since the portrayal by an individual from the Royal Family is finished with History and accounts 

4. It will take around 1 to 2 hours to circumvent the Fort contingent upon intrigue. Better visited at night since it might get excessively hot during the day. 

Kangra doesn't have great lodgings. There are a couple of customary ones close to the transport stand.


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