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Kareri Lake Trek | Dharmshala | Himachal Pradesh

Kareri Lake Trek  |  Dharmshala Himachal Pradesh
Kareri lake | Dharmshala



  • Known for :- Trekking , Photography , Adventure
  • Entry Fees :- No fees are required.
  • District :- Kangra , Himachal Pradesh 
  • Length :- 3 Days 
  • Evaluation :- Easy To Moderate 
  • Kareri Lake Max Altitude :- 9,650 Ft. 
  • Kareri Lake Trek Distance in  Km :- 26 Kms.

Kareri Lake Trek | Dharmshala | Himachal Pradesh. Kareri lake is a high height water lake. It is a shallow lake found south of Dhauladhar mountain in Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh. Kareri Lake Trek is situated at a height of around 2,950 meters in Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh. It is an ideal end of the week escape on the off chance that you need to turn off from your dreary daily schedule and draw near to nature.

Encircled by mountains and snow capped trees, the Kareri Lake Trek , Kangra is shaped by the progression of the water bodies from the Minkiani top. The trek to Kareri Lake Trek is one of the most picturesque snow capped treks in Himachal Pradesh that goes to a few spouting streams and goes through green knolls.

You will go over creative shepherd towns that have their very own appeal. Different attractions are the Lord Shiva sanctuary which merits a visit. You can also go for Kareri lake solo trek if you have trekked earlier and had enough knowledge about trekking and camping but if not then I wouldn't suggest you go for a solo trek to Kareri lake. 

Kareri lake trekking
Kareri Lake Trek  |  Dharmshala  |  Himachal Pradesh

The following portion of the path is a rough prairie alongside Nyund nallah. You will confront a tremendous assortment of territories on this trek, running from straight streets to waterway intersections over wooden extensions, and steep risings. In the wake of showing up at the lake, invest some energy clicking pictures there, before going through another stunning night in tents at the lake.


Day 1 : ( Shahpur - Kareri Village - Base Camp )

Kareri lake trek
Kareri Village ( Trek Starting Point )

There are two Kareri Lake trek routes . There is a path from Dharamshala in which you have to go from Dharamshala to Kareri Village and you can decide this path either by bus or by car.

After reaching Kareri village, your trek starts. This is a common trek and maximum travelers follow  this trek. But instead of going through this trek, we made the decision of going the other way.

First we went to Shahpur and then from there we decided the way to Kareri Village in our car. We had lunch at Salli villgae , which is near to Kareri Village . After that we hired a guide from there.

And then it was the guide who arranged the tents and sleeping bags for us. We got the food packed after the tents and sleeping bags were arranged. We also took fast food together to help us on the way. After that we started our trek.

We were a total of 4 people before but after the guide arrived we turned 5. I had trekked before too, so I did not find this trek as difficult at the beginning. And we started going fast from the beginning.

But this was the first trek of my friends, so we had to take care of this and we did the same. Luckily we got a very good guide and he was leading us by taking full care of our needs. We started the trek at around 2 in the afternoon. Our guide told us that we will reach base camp soon and put up tents there at night.

Kareri lake camping
Base Camp 

On hearing this, we became happy and then rested for a while and started walking. In this trek, after every 15-20 minutes, we got sources of water, so that we did not have to carry water.

We reached base camp around 5 in the evening. After reaching the base camp, we rested for a while and by then our guides installed tents. That place was very beautiful, a different world away from the world of technology, which was very peaceful.

After taking a moment of this beauty, we started collecting wood so that we could light a fire. It was a matter of happiness that there was a source of drinking water here too, so we did not have to worry about water. Shepherds were also staying with their sheep and goats along with our camp.

Those Shepherds had hot plaids that they gave us so that we could avoid frost at night. And indeed, these hot plaids helped us a lot in the night from our cold.

Kareri lake camping

We ate paranthas at dinner before bedtime, which we had brought for packing. Then after that we chatted for a while and enjoyed the bonfire together. Since we were tired, we all went to our camp to sleep at night. We had installed 2 tents which were also together.

Then we slept. But the night we took the view of these beautiful hills and the stars that were in the sky, the beauty of them cannot be described. We will always remember this beautiful day.

Day 2 : ( Base camp - Kareri Lake - Kareri Village )

Then it was morning and the view of Sunrise was very beautiful. Then we all got up, fresh and  ate maggi. After breakfast, our guide told us the way forward and he went back because it was about 2 hours from here to Kareri Lake and that was the mountain directly in front of us which we had to climb and along the same mountain our destination was .

Camping kareri lake

If you are doing a trek to Kareri Lake by this route, then keep in mind that you should keep a water bottle with you before walking from the base camp, because this last 2 hours trek was the most difficult, and you will repeatedly feel thirsty. And after the base camp, you will get water only after reaching Kareri Lake. We also reached the lake after doing this difficult trek of 2 hours.

The view after reaching the lake was very charming. The lake was surrounded by beautiful mountains from all four sides. It seemed that we had reached heaven . There were 2 to 3 shops in Kareri Lake, in which arrangements were made to eat food for all three times, and cold drinks, snacks, etc. were also available. 

There was also a temple of Lord Shiva here. After roaming here for 2 hours, we took the platter to return.

It was a little easy to go back, and we reached base camp within an hour. From there we picked up our luggage which we had left at the whereabouts of those Shepherds.

After taking our luggage we went back from the base camp. From there it took us 2 hours to reach our car. We brought the car as far as the road was. And we started the trek from Lanco power station and parked our car there and all of us had reached there.

Lanco Kareri village
Lanco Power Station near Kareri Village

 Our trek was over at Salli village. After reaching there, we put the goods back in the car and from there reached Kareri Village and then Shahpur. In this way our very pleasant journey ended here and we all went back to our respective homes.


  • T-shirts 

  • Trekking Pants 

  • Windproof coat ideally with a hood 

  • Warm and thick Fleece Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes 

  • Lightweight Towel

  • Toilet Paper

  • Wet-Tissue Papers

  • Lightweight floaters/shoes/slippers, Raincoat

  • Small lightweight Towel 

  • Water bottle  

  • Full-sleeve Woolen sweater 

  • Thermal  wear 

  • Woolen top 

  • Woolen Gloves 

  • Woolen socks 

  • Cap to get the extraordinary sun far from your face, Sunglasses 

  • Walking stick/Trekking shaft, Torch/Flashlight (with additional batteries) 

  • Medicines (if requiring a specific drug) 

  • Personal toiletries 


Kareri lake

May – June and September – October 

During the early months of the year, there are odds of snow on high passes, which extensively liquefies by August.


During the storm season, Kangra and Dhauladhar go stays influenced because of downpour, however when we talk about the high places, the climate stays warm and radiant (12-20 °C) during the day, while the night temperature could be in short (- 2 to 6 °C). During September and October, trekkers can encounter a decent climate, with little snowfall. With the beginning of October, the day temperature is floating around 12-18 °C yet the night begins getting nearly colder with (- 6 to 4 °C ).


During September to October day temperature is 12-16 °C  and the night temperature will fall up to 6 to - 4 °C.


The closest town is Mcleodganj in Dharamshala. You can reach Dharamshala from Delhi. And then from  Dharamshala to Kareri lake.  If you want to go the other route then you have to go Shahpur and then to Salli Village from where your trek will start. We also trekked via this route. 


Via Air :- 

The closest air terminal is at Gaggal, around 13 kilometers from Dharamshala. Gaggal air terminal interfaces Dharamshala to Delhi by means of Air India . Voyagers from different pieces of India would think that it's simpler to take a trip till Chandigarh and book a taxi for their forward excursion to Dharamshala, which is around 275 kilometers away. 

Via Train :- 

A short-term train venture is a decent alternative to reach Dharamshala. The closest significant railroad station is at Pathankot, 85 kilometers away. There are various trains that go to Jammu and Kashmir that stop by in Pathankot. You can take a taxi or transport from Pathankot to reach Dharamshala. There is likewise a little railway station, Kangra Mandir, only 22 kilometers from Dharamshala however none of the significant trains stop here. 

By Bus :- 

Dharamshala is all around associated with Delhi and different pieces of North India by means of a system of state worked transports just as private visit administrators. The journey is right around 520 kilometers from Delhi. 

Most transports stop at the primary transport terminal in Lower Dharamshala, however there are additionally some open Haryana Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) transports that go right to the principal square of McLeod Ganj. A short-term venture from Delhi takes around 13 hours.

Important :  While trekking in,  you have to regard the mountains. Try not to take inappropriate dangers, don't desert rubbish, and regard local people's method of living.

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