Best time to visit Rohtang Pass | Rohtang Pass from Manali | Rohtang Pass Temperature | Rohtang Pass Permit 2020-2021

Rohtang Pass is situated at a distance of only 53 kilometers from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The Pass can be visited only by road. Rohtang pass is situated at a height of 3978 meters / 13051 feet on Manali-Keylong road.

It associates Kullu valley with Lahaul and Spiti which thus give admittance to Leh. Other than Lahaul and Spiti, Rohtang Pass additionally fills in as the doorway to Pangi and the valley of Leh

Known for its picturesque excellence, Rohtang Pass holds vital significance for India. The Pass offers excellent sights of ice sheets, tops, Lahaul Valley and the Chandra River. 

Solang Valley Paragliding
Paragliding in Solang Valley

Attributable to its awe inspiring common excellence, Rohtang Pass is a top choice among the network of movie chiefs. Numerous blockbusters going from 'Jab We Met' to 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' have been shot here. 

An exceptional certainty behind the name of Rohtang Pass is that it was named so on the grounds that various individuals working in CBRE died while attempting to cross this tricky stretch.

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Things To Know Before Traveling To Rohtang Pass :

Prior to heading out to Rohtang Pass, there are a couple of things that you should know :

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass

  • Interestingly, Rohtang Pass stays shut for travelers on Tuesdays so you should design your excursion likewise. 
  • Other is that to arrive at Rohtang, you should get a grant or permit. This standard was actualized a couple of years prior to restrict the quantity of vehicles making a trip to Rohtang Pass and keep the pollution levels under check. 
  • The Rohtang Pass permit should be gained regardless of whether you are going by your own vehicle, bike, or leasing a taxi from Manali. 
  • There are no staying choices in Rohtang Pass except if you bring your own tent and set up camp by the side of the road. Manali, which is the nearest town, offers a wide scope of convenience which incorporates extravagance resorts, cottages in Manali, lodgings and so forth.

Best Time To Visit Rohtang Pass :

Rohtang gets shut for movement of vehicles in winters because of hefty snowfall. The streets heap up meters of snow which cripple any vehicle movement. The pass opens by mid-April and remains so till late October or in some cases even early November. 

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Rohtang Pass is from May to October, when the way to Ladakh and Spiti is open. The climate of Rohtang Pass stays ideal to visit in May-June and October-November. 

Rohtang Pass in Winter

The temperature of Rohtang Pass in April begins to heat up and eventually opening of pass starts in late spring season. The climate of Rohtang Pass in October .

The temperature of Rohtang Pass is cooler than Manali, because of its higher height. Winter is the best season to visit Rohtang Pass among honeymooners and families hoping to appreciate new snowfall in Manali. There are lot of activities and things to do in Kullu Manali.

River Rafting in Manali
River Rafting in Manali

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Rohtang Pass Temperature :

I would state the normal temperature in Manali and Rohtang pass in October is from 7–25 degrees and changes every now and again as Manali is perhaps the best spot in India you should visit and the spot offers entrancing snow capped mountains with a wonderful climate. 

Cold breezes at Rohtang Top consistently keep the temperature on the lower side. While you can easily stroll around in Manali in ordinary cotton garments during summer, you truly need a substantial windproof coat while visiting Rohtang. 

The presence of snow at the top is consistent , even in the long periods of June and July. So the temperature here scarcely goes above single digits in Celsius. During the long stretches of May to August, anticipate that the temperature should be around 7-10° Celsius. In September and October, it will be a few degrees beneath that.

How to reach Rohtang Pass :

There are many HRTC buses AC and Non-Ac keeps on interfacing the valley with north India. NH21 associates the city to Chandigarh and Delhi. 

In the event that you are going by your own vehicle, you can without much of a stretch make it a roadtrip subsequent to getting a permit from the SDM office in Manali or on the web. 

Air : 

The closest air terminal which fills in as the regular base to the city of Kullu-Manali is Bhuntar. Arranged 10 kms away from Kullu and 50 kms from Manali, most sightseers heading out to Manali through air take a stop at Bhuntar and visit the close by places here. 

Road : 

On the off chance that you are anyway going by public vehicle, at that point you ought to experience no difficulty finding a transport going towards Manali , taking into account that it is one of the most visited stations of our nation. These transports are worked by both private operators and state transport. From Manali, you can either book a taxi to go to Rohtang Pass or travel by Bus.

Rohtang Pass Permit :

To visit Rohtang Pass, a grant must be obtained, either face to face from SDM office Manali or on the web. check and keep up the fragile biological arrangement of Rohtang. 

Without the grant, you will be turned around from the Gulaba check pass and won't be permitted to go any further. It is compulsory for both cars and cruisers and a specific sum must be paid to get it. 

This permit / license is for the taxicabs and vehicles going to Rohtang Pass for the travel industry purposes, legitimate for a day. Just 800 petroleum vehicles and 400 diesel vehicles are permitted to pass every day. The vehicles aren't permitted on Tuesday, as Rohtang Pass is shut every Tuesday. 

Documents Required for Rohtang Pass Permit :

  • Substantial ID Proof 
  • Pollution Under Check (PUC) Certificate 
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate

Rohtang Pass Permit Fees: 

  • Vehicle and Jeep - INR 550
  • MUVs - INR 550
  • Buses - INR 600

Special Permit for Rohtang Pass :

This license is for the private vehicle just, substantial for a day. Just 100 vehicles are permitted passage to the pass every day. The vehicles aren't permitted on Tuesday, as Rohtang Pass is shut for upkeep every Tuesday. 

Printed Documents Required for Rohtang Pass Permit :

  • ID Proof 
  • Pollution
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Verification of Hotel Booking 

Special Permit for Rohtang Pass Fees : 

  • Vehicle and Jeep - INR 550
  • MUVs - INR 600
  • Transports and HMV - INR 600

Rohtang Pass by Private Vehicle is presumably the best and most financially savvy method of heading out to Rohtang Pass. Taxi charges in Manali are excessively high during top vacationer season and passing by Bus isn't generally quite a bit of comfort or fun. 

Rohtang Pass Snowfall

It very well may be either by your own vehicle or a bike yet leaving ahead of schedule from Manali is profoundly prompted. On the off chance that you genuinely need to appreciate the excursion, leave by the main light of the day or even before that. The permits for Rohtang Pass are checked at the Gulaba pass.

Another advantage of leaving early is the view. On the off chance that you are into photography, you would definitely know there is no other light like morning light for some great catches. 

Distances in Km :

  • Distance From Kullu to Rohtang Pass - 100 km
  • Distance From Shimla to Rohtang Pass - 273 Km
  • Distance From Delhi to Manali - 530 km
  • Distance From Delhi to Kullu - 490 km
  • Distance From Delhi to Chandigarh - 230 km
  • Distance From Chandigarh to Manali - 300 Km
  • Distance From Chandigarh to Kullu - 260 km

FAQ On Rohtang Pass.

Is it safe to go to Rohtang Pass ?

Truly it is absolutely protective and safe to go to Rohtang Pass when the pass is open. The BRO takes care of proper safety during that time.  The Rohtang pass is shut on Tuesday .

Can we visit Rohtang Pass in March ?

No, it normally opens in Mid-May relying upon the snow.

Is Rohtang Pass dangerous ?

Less in the event that we go with prepared drivers. It's protected however some time in month like July to Feb it could be hazardous as the road is covered with snow.

Which is the best time to visit Rohtang Pass ? 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Rohtang pass is from April end when the Pass opens till June Month. During this time snow is accessible at Rohtang Pass.

Is Rohtang Pass closed on Tuesday ? 

Yes exactly Rohtang pass is shut on Tuesday for support and road maintenance. So, remember this if you are planning your trip to Rohtang pass.

Where to get a Rohtang pass permit ? 

One can take the Rohtang Pass Permit from SDM Office Manali or can be acquired online from

Why is Rohtang Pass famous ? 

Rohtang pass is celebrated for its scenes, being at a high elevation of around 3978 meters above ocean level it offers stunning perspectives on the snow covered mountains .  

And now after the inauguration of Atal Tunnel , Rohtang Pass is getting more number of visitors as it is the World’s longest highway tunnel above 10,000 feet.

What is the current status of rohtang pass ? 

Presently now in December 2020 Rohtang Pass is shut because of hefty snowfall.

Where does Rohtang Pass lead to ?

Rohtang pass prompts inside Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir. Past Rohtang pass one road leads to Shimla and the other goes to Lahaul Spiti and afterward to Leh in Ladakh .

What is the height of Rohtang Pass ?

Rohtang pass is arranged at a height of 3978 meters/13051 feet on Manali-Keylong road.

Can we take our own car to Rohtang Pass ?

Truly you can take your own vehicle to Rohtang Pass subsequent to taking legitimate permit.

When Rohtang Pass will open in 2020-2021 ? 

In 2021 Rohtang pass will open by mid of April month but now from last week of November 2020 Rohtang Pass is closed due to excessive snowfall.

Can we stay at Rohtang Pass ?

No , there is no staying provision in Rohtang Pass . There is no arrangement to remain at this high elevation place. 

Is there snow in Rohtang Pass in June ? 

June is the fag end of snow in Rohtang Pass. In the event that there are weighty snow falls in cold weather months, at that point the snow holds till June Month 

Is there snow in Rohtang Pass in July ? 

There are no odds of snow at Rohtang pass in July month .

What is the time period to visit Rohtang Pass ? 

Sightseers can visit Rohtang pass in the middle of fifteenth May to work fifteenth Nov after that it will be shut. 

Conclusion :

I think this basically covers each part of your trip to Rohtang Pass. In the event that you anyway have any further inquiries, don't hesitate to ask in the comment segment beneath .

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