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Chamera Lake & Dam in Dalhousie | District Chamba | Himachal Pradesh

Chamera Dam

 The exceptionally excellent and stunning Chamera Dam is situated near Dalhousie town of District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. This dam is built between the mountains, which adds to its magnificence.  The Chamera dam is built on the Ravi river. Chamera lake / Dam is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters.

Chamera Lake is quite possibly among the main tourist destinations of Chamba. Individuals keep on coming here. Chamera lake is a repository or reservoir of the dam, because of which the water level ascents to 763 meters during rain and 747 meters during summer.

Chamera Dam is situated around 25 km from Dalhousie Hill Station. Because of the great climate throughout the year, vacationers continue to visit here for an outing. It is additionally noticeable from Chamba - Pathankot Highway. This man-made lake is made because of the hydroelectric dam created over the Ravi river.

There is an absence of aquatic fauna like large fishes and other aquatic animals in the dam. This makes Chamera Lake an ideal site for water sports like cruising , paddle drifting, engine sailing, motor boating,  paddling. There are houseboats and shikaras in the lake too.

Weather in Chamera Lake, Dalhousie :

Temperature of Chamera lake, Dalhousie keeps on fluctuating day and night. The temperature during the day close to the dam ascends to 35 degrees Celsius and drops to at least 18 to 20 °C around evening time.

The temperature in winters arrives at a limit of 15°C in day and evenings are excessively cold with temperature dipping under freezing point. Chamera Lake ends up being great to visit in any season consistently.

Travelling Tips to Visit Chamera lake, Dalhousie :

  • Make certain to bring your camera along. Regardless of whether you're 'not actually into taking photographs.

  • Food stalls are there around the lake so you can appreciate the road food too. 

  • Wear agreeable garments and footwear, since the zone is huge to investigate. On the off chance that you are inclined to cold, convey a sweater or coat.

  • Among the rain and terrain good walking shoes are an unquestionable requirement if you want to enjoy the different water sports activities here.

  • Do take care of your things like phone , wallet and other personal items.

  • See a portion of the beautiful towns, as there are a lot of beguiling and charming towns and hamlets near Dalhousie.

  • Chamera Lake being a mainstream vacation destination, it is sometimes heavily rushed and over crowded. So try to visit here on weekdays instead of weekends.

Things / Activities to do in Chamera Lake :

Boating in Chamera Lake

  • Enjoy water sports like engine drifting, cruising and stream boating, given by the Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism. 

  • Appreciate paddle sailing ,Kayaking/Canoeing in the lake. 

  • Take hypnotizing photos of and around the Chamera lake. 

  • Enjoy a picnic at the banks of the waterway.

Best Time to Visit Chamera Lake, Dalhousie : 

The best and ideal opportunity to visit is during the long periods of March to June. It is prudent to try not to come in the rainy season, because of heavy rainfall. Generally, the climate is cool and charming throughout the year. 

Chamera Dam Dalhousie

You can appreciate many water sports exercises here and invest some quality energy with your friends and family . As the climate of Chamera Dam is lovely over time you can visit however it is smarter to visit here in the summer season.

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How to Reach Chamera Lake/ Dam in District Chamba :

This lake is situated at a distance of 25 kms from Dalhousie Hill Station. In the event that you are going from Chamba, it is a good way off of around 40 kms. You can go from both these spots by taxi or private vehicle. 

You can likewise visit here by public transport yet that is tedious as the public transportation facility is less here. So , it would be better in the event that you recruit a taxi or travel in your own vehicle.

Fascinating Facts About Chamera Lake / Dam : 

Chamera Dam

  • Chamera is a counterfeit artificial lake, and is set in the midst of a pleasant scenery constructed on Ravi River at an elevation of 1700 meters.

  • The lake is a fundamental piece of the Hydroelectric power project and the Chamera Dam. 

  • Chamera Dam is the significant wellspring of electricity generation in this locale and creates around 540 MW of power.

  • The hydropower project has to be reckoned with 3 units of 180 MW each and has a firm power of 160MW.

  • Huge part of this dam lies in the Salooni sub-division of Chamba.

  • It is an excellent source of water for fundamental necessities, basic needs and also for irrigation for townspeople.

  • The water body is denied aquatic fauna, as there are very less or few aquatic animals here. 

  • An amazing element of the environment around the Chamera dam and the lake is the extraordinary temperature as the temperature keeps on fluctuating day and night.

  • The lake is likewise celebrated for water sports like kayaking, paddle drifting, stream boating, engine sailing and so forth Houseboats and shikaras are likewise popular among vacationers. 

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