Best Tourism And Travel Jobs In India - Travel and Tourism Careers in India

 Best Tourism And Travel Jobs In India - Travel and Tourism Careers in India

Travel Jobs In India | The greater part of us love to travel. It revives our spirit. The Travel and Tourism Industry is one of the quickest developing industries on the planet from the previous few years and it contributes to a great extent to the worldwide economy. 

In accordance to surveys, in the coming years the travel industry will add to the worldwide GDP by almost 45%. 

The extent of work and jobs in the travel industry is extremely brilliant and has high potential with different opportunities existing in Travel jobs in government and private sector in India. 

In this article, I will also discuss a couple of High Paying Travel Jobs in India and Career in Travel and Tourism in India.

Exciting Travel Jobs In India For a Travel Enthusiast That Can Earn You Money While Travelling :

Travel Blogger / Travel Vlogger :

Travel Blogger / Travel Vlogger

Travel contributing to a blog or Travel Blogging isn't a work, it is a lifestyle. Also, getting paid by writing down all your means is amazing.

Presently it is the most well-known opportunity among voyagers. With the web blast, voyagers began utilizing on the web stages to bring in cash by sharing their encounters. 

They travel far and wide and share their voyaging encounters through contributing to a blog or vlog. Possibly somebody will get it or will get paid for the advertisements that get posted on your blog/video blog. Despite the fact that this began as an enthusiasm, it before long advanced to turn into a beneficial job.

Be that as it may, by the day's end, your ability matters. Not every person turns into an effective blogger/Vlogger. Except if you're acceptable at recounting your story, nobody will pay you. It requires some investment. In case you're great at it, you won't require another work. Travel, make content, acquire.

Travel bloggers can blog about different fascinating destinations .Numerous individuals who love voyaging, they are frequently persuaded by their websites and are resolved to visit those spots. This is one of the approaches to advance the travel industry. 

Beginning with your own blog requires very few endeavors. There's nothing additionally satisfying that doing what you love-and that also by working for yourself.

Travel Guide :

Best Tourism And Travel Jobs In India - Travel and Tourism Careers in India

Demonstrating your place off to new individuals involves mollified pride. While gaining certainty through long stretches of travelling and exploring to lead others on in investigating even more current territory is each inch an euphoria that unfurls a universe of dreams for you.

On the off chance that you have that sprite that makes you in a flash associate with individual travelers or nearby individuals, at that point being a local escort is a definitive among venturing out positions for you to assume responsibility. 

For a nation like India where the travel industry is continually on the ascent, this is among the best of tasks to live your voyaging dream throughout each and every day.

Work as an Au Pair :

In the event that you love kids, this is the ideal gig for you. It's a reward on the off chance that you communicate in multiple languages or need to build up your aptitudes in a subsequent language.

As an Au pair you'll live with a receiving family in a far off nation, take care of the youngsters, and get a little compensation for your endeavors. It's an incredible method to encounter life in an alternate nation.

Tour operator/ Travel manager / Travel supervisor :

Travel manager / Tour operator

Travel managers are travel specialists who are employed for help. With the travel industry turning into a billion-dollar industry, it has become a famous calling among travel fans. 

Tour operator designs and puts together visit bundles for their customers. From finding the ideal objective to booking the hotel, they deal with all aspects of your hotly anticipated occasion. 

Furthermore, this includes a ton of voyaging. It will allow you to travel and investigate places as an aspect of your responsibilities. Obviously, you get paid also. 

On the off chance that you wish to turn into a Travel manager/travel supervisor, you can either join a Travel organization or start your own.

Ambassador / Diplomat : 

Diplomat / Ambassador

Another similarly provoking way to seek after in Travel Jobs in India is being a representative with the public authority of India. Obviously it requires commitment and difficult work to break the Civil Services Exam needed to be a representative.

 When you have endured and made sure about a decent position, you can land yourself among the world class rare sorts of people who seize the Indian Foreign Service portfolio. In addition to the fact that this is a place of most extreme notoriety and regarded significance it likewise concedes you travel to unfamiliar nations.

Destination Wedding Photographer :

In the event that you love photography alongside voyaging, this is the best job for you. In this profession you can have affectionate recollections of the delightful places alongside the couples. You will get the opportunities of shooting your number one spots in this calling. 

Photographer :


In case you're talented with a camera and catch the world, think about turning into a picture taker. Travel picture takers are expected to take photographs of everything from top of the line resorts and vacation destinations to nearby occasions and societies.

Archaeologist :


Envision finding the world's most seasoned known apparatus, or uncovering the skeleton of one of our absolute first precursors. Consistently, archeologists are finding the sorts of lost fortunes that give them a brief look into life thousands - or even millions - of years previously.

 Some of them are additionally accountable for ensuring noteworthy destinations, exhuming them for relics before development groups can burrow there and incidentally pulverize a significant bit of history.

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Government Jobs in Travel and Tourism Sector in India :

  • Travel Writers for the Indian Embassy

  • Female Travel consultant

  • Ticketing Executive

  • Foreign Service Officer

  • Job in Visa Department

  • Railway Department

  • Pilot in Defense Forces

  • Air traffic controller

  • Cargo Companies

  • Flight analyst

  • Ambassador

  • Tourism Researchers

  • Food Industry

  • Female Travel consultant

  • Travel Consultant.

  • Marketing manager

  • Govt. Travel Teacher

  • Government-run hospitality services like hotels.

  • Government tourist information officer

  • Airport Operator

  • Government jobs in Airlines Sector

  • Airline/Ground Staff

  • Airline Operator

  • Government Tourism Board/Ministry of Tourism Jobs

So , above are some Tourism And Travel Government Jobs In India.

Private Jobs in Travel and Tourism in India :

  • Pilot

  • Travel Agencies

  • Hotel Manager

  • Tour Operator

  • Travel Consultants

  • Tour Operators

  • Tourist Guide

  • Airline Staff

  • Air Hostess

  • Travel Professor

  • Travel Services

  • Jobs in Resorts

  • Jobs in Guest Houses

  • Tourist Resorts and Hotels

  • Other Hospitality Areas

  • Jobs in Private airlines

  • Jobs in Hotels etc.

Basic Skills to Make a Career in the Travel and Tourism Sector :

  • Great communication abilities 

  • Great collaboration 

  • Capacity to investigate 

  • Solid client center 

  • Introduction aptitudes 

  • Expansive information on India and world geology 

  • Working extended periods 

  • Airfares and tagging aptitudes 

  • Language Skills 

  • Deals Skills 

  • Involvement with taking care of cash and unfamiliar monetary standards 

  • Client assistance 

  • Travel Service Operations and Management etc.

Top Travel & Tourism Courses in India :

Diploma Courses after Class 12 (10+2) :

  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management

  • Diploma in Tourism Studies

  • Diploma in Hospitality

  • Diploma in Travel Management

  • Diploma in Tourist Guide

  • Diploma in Tourism and Ticketing

Bachelor Courses after Class 12 (10+2) :

  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies

  • Bachelor of Tourism Administration

  • Com. Travel and Tourism Management

  • BA Travel and Tourism

  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management

  • BA in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management

  • Sc. in Travel and Tourism Management

  • BA in Tourism Studies

  • Sc. in Hospitality and Travel Management

  • BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

  • BBA in Hospitality and Travel Management

  • BBA in Air Travel Management

Postgraduate Courses in the Travel & Tourism Sector :

  • MBA in Hospitality Management

  • Master of Tourism Administration

  • MBA in Travel & Tourism

  • PG Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Best Institutes in India For Travel & Tourism Jobs and Careers:

  • Indian Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management (IITTM)

  • Centre for Tourism Studies, Pondicherry University

  • Kuoni Academy

  • Bundelkhand University, School of Tourism & Hotel Management, Jhansi

  • Thomas Cook-Centre of Learning

  • Garden City College

  • Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Hotel and Tourism Management Studies

  • School of Hotel Management and Tourism

  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

  • Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Hosur, Bangalore.

  • National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Academy of Business Management, Tourism, & Research

Top Companies in the Travel & Tourism Sector in India :

  • Thomas Cook (India) Ltd

  • Balmer Lawrie Travel & Vacations

  • Yatra

  • ClearTrip

  • SpiceJet

  • Expedia group

  • American Express Global Business Travel

  • BCD travel

  • Viva voyages

  • Indian Hotels Company Limited

  • Sahara Global

  • India Healthcare Tourism (IHCT)

  • Flying Fox

  • SOTC India

  • Kuoni Travel

  • East India Travel Co

  • TravelGuru

  • Air Asia

  • American Express Global Business Travels

  • Travix Leisure & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

  • Cox and kings

  • Make my trip

  • Cruise professional

  • Goibibo

  • Radisson Blu

  • Thomas Cook

  • Oyo

  • Travel corporations of India

  • Hogg Robinson group

  • Booking holdings

  • Mahindra holidays

  • Marriot International Inc

  • Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)

  • Cox & Kings Ltd.

Significant Features of the Travel and Tourism Industry :

Travel and Tourism is the biggest earner of foreign exchange worldwide and utilizes a huge number of individuals.

This industry incorporates everything from the public authority, the travel industry divisions and major worldwide organizations to the little private travel agents.

At pretty much every purpose of work in this field, representatives need to collaborate by and by with the clients and comprehend their requirements while making them agreeable, in order to have the option to offer the best support as far as Travel choices and plans.

Scope of Travel and Tourism in India : 

Individuals' long lasting friendship with Travelling and exploring is everlasting. Individuals, during their lifetime, save cash to visit their fantasy locations. Regardless of the race, sex, area, travel and the travel industry is something everybody appreciates, and consequently, making it the biggest sector on the planet. Flights, ships, vehicles, trains, yoga, medical clinics, lodgings, and so forth, a greater part of these are influenced by the Travel and Tourism industry. So , the scope of the Travel and Tourism industry is endless and it's increasing day by day.

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So, that's all about Career opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry , Travel Jobs in India , Government Jobs in Travel and Tourism Sector in India , Private Jobs in Travel and Tourism in India , Top Travel & Tourism Courses in India and Best Institutes in India For Travel & Tourism Jobs and Careers.