Himani Chamunda Trek - Kangra , Himachal Pradesh

Himani Chamunda
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Himani Chamunda is a Hindu temple committed to goddess Chamunda, in the Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh. 

Barfani Chamunda or Aadi Himani Chamunda is a Hindu sanctuary close to the town of Chamunda at 2810 meters and flanked by Dhauladhars. Aadi Himani Chamunda sanctuary is open by means of two all around characterized treks.

The more frequented journey trek connects Chamunda sanctuary with Aadi Himani Chamunda through Jadrangal. This route begins close to Jia Village. Jia is a pleasant mountain village settled in Dhauladhar lower regions. This pleasant town is 7 kilometers from Chamunda town. 

Aadi Himani Chamunda Story / History

Himani Chamunda Temple

Aadi Himani Chamunda Temple is situated on a peak North East to the current Chamunda Devi Temple in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. 

Aadi Himani Chamunda sanctuary stands near the remains of the castle of Raja Chandra Bhan Chand Katoch, and is of at least a similar age, if not far more established. 

Here the Bhagwati Chamunda got the directing god and Rudraatva during the war between Asura Jalandhar and Mahadev. Because of this the area is otherwise called Rudra Chamunda. Maa Chamunda is revered here as the northern watchman of the Jalandhar Peeth.

 At the point when the Devasur war occurred, Bhagwati Kaushiki delivered her mom Chandika from her whiskers and requested that she kill the devils named Chand and Mund. A wild fight resulted with Maa Bhagwati Chandika and Daitya Chand and Mund. 

The mother slaughtered both the evil presences and cut the closures of both the asuras and took Bhagwati to Kaushiki. Bhagwati charmed and said that you have murdered the evil presence Chand and Mund. Presently you are called Chamunda on the planet Will be renowned. From that point forward, mother Chamunda in Kangra locale is the managing god of Chamunda district.

Chamunda Devi Temple , Kangra

Arranged at a stature of 1000m above ocean level, Chamunda Devi temple is a popular vacationers location of Himachal Pradesh.

Neglected by the strong Dhauldhar ranges, the sanctuary is properly arranged on the bank of stream Ban Ganga. Consistently, countless fans travel to this comprehensive objective of Himachal Pradesh to get favors of goddesses 'Chamunda' .

Chamunda Devi Temple is situated at separation of 15 km from Dharamsala and a good ways off of 10 kms from Palampur. Chamunda is a little station on the Pathankot-Jogindernagar slender measure railroad track.

There is the Chamunda Devi Temple, directly on the banks of the Baner River. It is likewise a pretty outing spot with a decent perspective on the mountains.

Chamunda otherwise called Chamundi, Chamundeshwari and Charchika, is a fearsome part of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother and one of the seven Matrikas (mother goddesses).

She is firmly connected with Kali, another savage part of Devi. She is once in a while related to goddesses Parvati, Chandi or Durga also.

Chamunda Devi Mandir is accepted to be the habitation of 'Shiva and Shakti'. Because of this explanation, it is otherwise called 'Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham'.

How to reach Jia ( Trek Location )

There are standard transports to kangra from different ISBT .From kangra you need to reach chamunda which is approx 17 km from Kangra and 20km from Dharamshala From there you need to head towards jia town in the event that you intending to go through jia valley trek.

Himani Chamunda Height 

Himani chamunda Trek
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Himani Chamunda is situated at a height of 2900 meters and it is the old seat of the well known Chamunda Goddess.

This trip offers you a fantastic point of view on the mid Dhauladhar that goes similarly as the Kangra Valley. The trip can be finished in one day and you can even stay at the sanctuary premises.

Best time to go for Aadi Himani Chamunda Trek

Best and ideal opportunity to journey to this lesser realized sanctuary is from April to November yet as winter sets in, it gets strongly cold and the temple is locked up and the priests move downhill into the hotter valley.

However, the individuals who set out to take the trek in winters are agreeably astounded to discover sheets, utensils and some fuelwood left behind by the priest for the solace of travelers and pioneers who remain there in his non-attendance. 

As the huge number of travel enthusiasts trek here every year, the state government has attracted up plans to build a road. For travelers, sun oriented lights have been introduced along the course and at the sanctuary premises.

Aadi Himani Chamunda Trek distance and details 

Himani Chamunda trek is a moderately difficult trek.  The aadi himani chamunda trek distance is 7.4 Kms one way. While the trek takes 3-4 hours to finish. The more frequented journey course associates Chamunda sanctuary with Aadi Himani Chamunda by means of Jadrangal.

This is a course frequented by pioneers and it is an a lot straighter and cleared with stone advances. The other journeying course is lesser known, however is more grand. This course begins close Jia Village. Jia is a beautiful mountain villa settled in Dhauladhar lower regions. This pleasant town is 7 kilometers from Chamunda town.

The town is overwhelmed by a hydroelectric force venture ignoring the town. In the event that you are heading to Jia, plan a visit to the upper repository of this hydroelectric venture. The drive is very grand and merits a diversion.

The plummet can be finished in 2-3 hours. The trek route is spotted with shops, sun based lights and safe houses. There is no perpetual water point accessible on this trip course or at the sanctuary, so it is best to convey your own water.

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Things to carry for Aadi Himani Chamunda Trek

These are separated into general prerequisites and  basics to keep in your backpack :

General Requirements: 

  • Solid traveling shoes 
  • Hand gloves 
  • Coat and windcheater 
  • Shades and top 
  • Shirts and thermals according to your prerequisite 
  • Socks 
  • Picture ID confirmations (keep a couple of duplicates) 
  • Water bottle 
  • Light bites 
  • Essential toiletries like handwash, facewash, sanitizer 
  • Hand towel 
  • Bug repellent cream

Places to visit near Chamunda , Kangra

Guest can appreciate the close by renowned spots like Pong Dam, Dharamshala cricket arena, Kangra Fort , McLeod Ganj, Tibetan religious communities etc. Famous Shakti peeth Chamunda sanctuary, is not quite the same as this temple.

From this sanctuary you can likewise see the Talang and Toral mountain passes.Other side of mountain there is Chamba Gaddis generally used to reach on their objective strive crossing mountain which if loaded with experience.

Much obliged to you for perusing my article.I trust you become acquainted with all the fundamental data and information about Himani Chamunda Trek.


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