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Sair Festival - Himachal Pradesh walnut
Sair Festival Himachal Pradesh

Sair Festival Himachal Pradesh . Sair is a festival which is celebrated with great pomp in many districts of Himachal Pradesh. Anyway, you must know that Himachal is known for its culture, fairs and festivals. These festivals teach a lot to all of us and also educate each other on how to live together.

In Himachal, every year many different festivals are celebrated with great pomp and almost every month of Sankranti i.e “ Sajja” is known by a special name and is celebrated like a festival.

On 16 September, the Sair Festival is celebrated with great pomp in some districts including Kangra, Mandi, Hamirpur, Kullu, Bilaspur and Solan.

This festival is celebrated to mark the end of the rainy season and the beginning of autumn. At this time, Kharif crops are ripe and it is time to reap, then celebrate this festival to thank God. Kharif crops are harvested only after a walk. On this day, part of the crops and seasonal fruits are offered to "Sairee Mata" and also take off the ashes and offer it to Sairee Mata.

Dhruv - Sair festival

The Sair festival of Himachal Pradesh is greeted by giving each other Durva, which is called "Dhruv" in the local language. People believe that on this day the gods come from heaven to the earth and people welcome them with drums and drums. Anyway, every village in Himachal has its own deity, so people worship and welcome them on this day.

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About the Sair Festival Himachal Pradesh :

This Sair Festival of Himachal Pradesh is praised in the mid of September and is an exceptionally old celebration which is principally celebrated in the inside pieces of Himachal consistently. 

In the event that you see the importance of a Sair in Hindi, it intends to walk. So the name may have been named after this celebration, in light of the fact that prior individuals who had avoided from going on significant distances because of rain, begun voyaging and so on and from this day, and the seniors or elders used to return home to meet their family members. The new bride in the long stretch of Bhadrapada, also returns to her in-laws along with this Sair festival. At that point seven days prior, there used to be a visit to family members. In this way, it was a real walk, which is probably why it got its name Sair.

The day wherein it is to be commended contrasts as indicated by specific places. In certain places , it is celebrated on Tuesday though in different spots it is commended on Wednesday. 

The principle feature of the celebration is the bullfight that is composed before numerous individuals. It is very like different celebrations that are commended in Spain or Portugal. Numerous individuals come to see this scene from all around the nation. Indeed, even the bullfights are composed in just explicit territories during the celebration. 

Bull fight - sair festival
Sair Festival - Himachal Pradesh

As indicated by different sources, it is likewise said that through the beginning of numerous years, the celebration appears to have lost the first pith of the celebration anyway the neighborhood individuals still with extraordinary excitement praise the celebration consistently. 

At the celebration, the individuals entertain themselves with exceptionally arranged suppers and furthermore enhance themselves with new garments and get new utensils and kitchen apparatuses.

There is where the more youthful individuals from the family offer holy grass called Dhruv which is a dry organic product to the senior individuals from the family. The bulls that are utilized in the bullfights are raised by local people and are utilized during the celebration. 

Before the celebration begins, the bulls are normally tranquilized so as to get them energized during the celebration.

They additionally blow drums and trumpets during the contributions that are made as an indication of giving a warm greeting to the divinities as they re-visitation of the sky. As you stroll around the zone, you can see the old individuals attempting to avert any evil from their family and the houses to shield them from any mishaps.

The nearby individuals in the networks have legends encompassing neighborhood diving beings that have been available for quite a while now and they live as per these legends. 

According to the custom, the celebration is commended to stamp the finish of the late spring season and the start of the long winter season. As this celebration is commended to individuals, set themselves up to fire loading up on the food grains and the kindling that will be required throughout the winter days.

Various Stories of Sair Festival Himachal Pradesh :

The Kullu Story :

Time for the individuals to praise the appearance of Shravan month. Here, in Kullu local people celebrate what is known as Sair where they bless walnuts to their loved ones. On this event, the streets are brimming with merchants selling great quality walnuts.

The following day of the celebration opens with individuals cleaning their homes and planning elements for the neighborhood ceremonies and puja. 

The Kangra Story :

Here the arrangements for the morning puja begin from the prior night. In the puja fixings, individuals incorporate their harvests which by and large range from maize, guava, lemon alongside wheat. 

The wheat is spread on the plate and each natural product is put on its head. The next morning, a hair stylist from the town visits each house conveying the symbol of Sair Devi and is given the season's gathering alongside some cash.

Beginning of winter :

In chilly zones it is viewed as the start of winter and arrangements for winter start. Individuals store grains and wood for the winter. Numerous celebrations start when they go on Sair. After the Sair festival , different diets and celebrations are commended till Diwali. 

End of the rainy season , purchase of food grains and animals :

One belief behind celebrating this festival is that in ancient times, due to non-availability of medicines in the rainy season, people used to fall prey to many diseases and natural calamities, and those who survived considered themselves lucky and in the rainy season The later people were happy to celebrate this festival. Since then, this festival is celebrated with great pomp.

How Sair Festival in Himachal Pradesh is Celebrated :

The way of celebrating Sair is different from region to region. While on the one hand the Sair festival in Kullu, Mandi, Kangra etc. are celebrated as a family festival, while in Shimla and Solan it is celebrated collectively. There are different ways to visit each region.

Sair is celebrated by playing nuts.

People go to temples and offer prayers and nut games are played. In Kangra-Mandi, the sire celebrates with greater pomp, Dr. Gautam Vyadit, a well-known and noted litterateur of the culture of Himachal Pradesh, says that in the state it is called Sair.

But it is celebrated with great pomp in Kangra and Mandi. A new crop of maize and paddy is ready at the time of sair. On this day special dishes are made in homes. Among them, roti, mithu, pakodu and patrodu are special.

In the morning we worship maize and paddy and wish for a good future. Earlier walnuts were also played on the outing, but that trend has subsided.

Maize - Sair festival
Sair Festival - Himachal Pradesh 

Conclusion :

Indeed , it was about the Sair festival which is celebrated in some districts of Himachal Pradesh. I hope you have got information related to this festival. If you liked this article of mine, then tell me in the comment section and subscribe to my blog to peruse such fascinating articles.

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